Carlo Trévisan

A painter and poet, Carlo was born in Cesena, Italy (Emilia-Romagna). He went to school in Sansepolcro, the birthplace of Piero della Fransceca (Italian painter, fifteenth century) and studied at the University of Pisa. His professional career is positioned at the crossroads of several artistic movements. In 1990, he began to paint under the influence of surrealism. From 1992 to 2001, he became the editor of Sinopia, an art magazine directed by his friend, the painter and writer Serafino Beconi. He joined the Artistic Movement of Versilia (MAV)…

The Carré d'artistes® concept

Because art shouldn’t just be for an elite few, Carré d’artistes® is profoundly changing the market for contemporary art. To make art accessible, we offer quality paintings at affordable prices anywhere in the world.


Closely linked for more than two centuries, Art and advertising have fed each other, gathered under the seal of inventiveness.

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Discover the new artists in the Carré d'artistes® galleries in May 2016.

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Who has not heard about the tales of the Arabian Nights? This Eastern origin story arouses curiosity and inspiration in all fields of Art for centuries.

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Popular images in Japan, inspiration of impressionists, stamps have known their golden age during two centuries in the heart of the Edo era.

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