Karl Gustavsen

Karl graduated from the Chambre Syndicale School of Fashion in Paris in 1991. He then became a stylist for several major international designers (Angelo Tarlazzi, Karl Lagerfeld, Andres Sarda) and held this job for several years before devoting himself to his artistic activity. His first exhibition was in 1990. In 1992, he participated in a performance show organized by the Paul Ricard Cultural Centre (Paris). His art is an original blend of various influences, drawing on both the aesthetic of films by Fritz Lang (Metropolis) and Fernand Léger…

The Carré d'artistes® concept

Because art shouldn’t just be for an elite few, Carré d’artistes® is profoundly changing the market for contemporary art. To make art accessible, we offer quality paintings at affordable prices anywhere in the world.

By opening the doors of « haute couture » to art, Yves Saint Laurent is definitely the designer who best tribute to artists he admired.

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Gifted sculptor forever linked to Auguste Rodin of whom she was the muse and the unhappy mistress, Camille Claudel is an artist who has never had the recognition she deserved.

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On the 17th October will stand the last Carré d'artistes® Children Workshop for this season.

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Carré d'artistes® organizes Artists signings days, exchange and sharing dedicated meetings with artists.

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