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Carré d'artistes presents a large selection of acrylic paintings.
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Acrylic painting, a contemporary art
The acrylic painting is a contemporary pictorial technique derived from oil painting.
If the date of its creation is still debated, it is clear that the development of acrylic painting began in the United States in the 1930s.

The success of acrylics was immediate and in line with modern societal developments. The artistic model of acrylics is opposed to the one induced by traditional oil painting. The latter was characterised by a very long drying time, caused by the mixing of oil with colour pigments. Without abandoning oil, contemporary artists like to turn to acrylics, whose paint dries much faster

Acrylic resin is the binder that gives acrylic paint its much appreciated characteristics. Acrylic paint is particularly well known for hardening quickly, with a plastic-like texture, and for being very malleable.

Its commercialisation in the 1950s, in the form of tubes or pots, marked the democratisation of acrylic art. The idea of diluting the paint with water gave acrylics an ergonomics that was echoed in the pop art movement. Great contemporary artists, such as Andy Warhol, have helped to place this painting technique on an equal footing with oil paint.

Famous abstract expressionists such as Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler have used it because acrylics dry quickly.

How is acrylic art done?

Acrylic paintings mark a break with the traditional practice of oil painting.

It is quite possible to dilute acrylic paint to make the mixture more fluid, allowing artists to play with transparency and adjust the raw texture of the colour pigments.

Acrylics have the ability to dry quickly. The artist can therefore decide to come back to his work without risking altering it. Oil paint required several days of drying to avoid depositing a greasier layer on top of the existing one, at the risk of the latter not drying and causing cracks in the long term.

Particularity of acrylic

It also has the particularity :


  • it is permanent once applied

  • it is insensitive to humidity

  • it can be washed off

  • it is perfectly preservable

  • can be used on any surface

  • can be applied and handled with many different tools (palette knives, brushes, rollers, etc.) and even with bare hands

  • can be used to achieve many different effects such as splattering...


Comparison between acrylic and oil paint :

Acrylic has many more advantages and is one of the only mixed media paints.

This paint is light, lightfast and water resistant when dry.  
It is easy to handle and resists wear and tear over time, unlike oil paint which wears out more quickly and fades. 

Acrylic paintings are optimally preserved. The colour pigments do not become dull over the years, the work remains intact. It is also possible to incorporate mediums, which are substances that change the viscosity of the paint and thus make it more like its traditional cousin.
Contramporan artists therefore use this painting technique in a flexible way that allows them to cover all pictorial styles, from abstract to realism.

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2 Artworks
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