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After working for several contemporary art galleries Morfo decided to start a new adventure in 2014 by joining the gallery team of Carré d’artistes The Hague. 

Her study in Art History & Museology at the University of Amsterdam and working in a bookstore at the art department helped her gain much knowledge about art which she uses every day to inspire people who are looking for their perfect artwork in the gallery. 

The thing she loves most about her work at Carré d’artistes is the playful interaction with clients and to help them select a painting for their home that really resonates their taste. And for many different tastes there are so many different art styles, that show all different perspectives on culture or a way of thinking. 

Discovering new art and talking about art is a real passion which is why Morfo also used to co-own and write for an artblog and advised artists.

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How long have you been working at Carré d’artistes? What does your job involve?
I am part of the Carré d’artistes team since 2014, working in the beautiful gallery in The Hague. During this time, I developed good relationships with both clients and artists. To me, this is the most important aspect of my work. I also love making exhibitions in the gallery, planning vernissage events and making the artist selection for our gallery. After all these years, I know what the people in The Hague like, and I enjoy to choose artists that will make our clients come back again for more inspiration.

What do you like the most about your work? Where does this passion for art come from?
What I love most about my work is the interaction with people. Talking to people about art… I can do that all day. It makes me happy if I can help someone select a painting for their home, especially when they are first-time buyers. The moment they show me photos of their home, and they allow me to participate in selecting a painting for their house; it always gives me a good feeling. When I was an art history student at the University of Amsterdam, I met a few artists. That was a real eye opener for me. Up until then, art was theoretical to me. It was then and there that I started to understand their passion, their drive, and their need to create art. In my work, I feel I am the connection between the client and the artist, and I am very happy in that position.

How did you take your first steps in the world of contemporary art?
After graduating at university, I first worked in a bookstore, and luckily the art section was my department. Seeing hundreds of books on art helped to develop my understanding and appreciation of contemporary art. After that, I worked in several art galleries.

An anecdote to share with us? With an artist/a client/a collaborator? Something you will never forget?
I will never forget the moment we were preparing a vernissage and we received the news of our artist that his car broke down somewhere in France, the day before the event… The artist and his paintings finally arrived, 3 hours before the opening. So, we worked as hard as we could to prepare all art and make a beautiful exhibition for our clients. It was quite hectic! In the end, we had a successful event and made many people happy buying their perfect artwork. Also, it was a big relief to the artists since it was a deadline that came very, very close.


Which style affects you particularly, why? What does it trigger in you?
I like a lot of different styles. I am as happy to visit the Acropolis Museum in Athens as I am to visit Musée d’Orsay in Paris or just an obscure gallery in Amsterdam.  But in the end, I prefer Art Brut. I love the spontaneity, the originality, and often the weirdness of it. To me, Art Brut is very honest and a direct reflection of the things that are going on in the artist’s mind. It is often very playful but can also have a dark edge. There are no stylistic rules, which allows the artist to be completely free in his creative expression. A good painting can give me joy or comfort or let me muse about the more serious things that are going on in the world. 

What inspired you to make this selection? What does it mean? What message did you want to convey?
I always select art in a split second, and that was what I did with this selection. I have learned not to think about it, just trust my feelings. Maybe that is my message: choose art with your intuition, do not think or reason too much. You can trust your own personal taste, as you do when choosing a book or a nice wine. 
An artist from Carré d’artistes whose work you particularly like?

That is a very difficult question, there are so many! I like many artists, all for different reasons. An artist we recently started working with and whose work I fell in love with, is that of Sylvie Colin. Her wonderful creations just give me so much pleasure! As soon as her work arrived in our gallery, I added one to my private collection. I like her technique, the mix of collage, paint and crayon. Her creatures are amazing; sometimes her animals seem funny, but if you look closer, you can see that she has a profound understanding of the world we live in. 

If you had to describe Carré d’artistes in 3 words, which ones would you choose? Why would you choose them?
Playful, inspirational, and always in motion.
I feel that the way we work, moving the art around in the gallery, the way we interact with our clients, is very playful. It makes the client feel welcome and at ease. The art inspires both me and the customer. It gives a good feeling when we have played around with different options and found the perfect match. And then… on to the next action. We have new artworks to offer all the time. Our clients get new inspiration every time they walk in.  At Carré d’artistes, art is something to have fun with, to interact with.

Would you rather choose small or large format? Why?
Definitely small! I collect a lot of art, and to fit it in my house, the paintings must be of a smaller format.  I like to make combinations with paintings from different artists, make connections. That works best with small sizes. I also like it when you need to walk towards a painting to see it in detail. The moment you are only a few centimetres away from the painting and then it reveals all its secrets and details. I love that. 

Why do you think art is important?
Art has the ability to give you joy or comfort when you need it. It puts other things into perspective. Art can connect people and give insight in other cultures or ways of thinking. I think that art enriches your life. I cannot imagine a life without it.


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