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Painting Evening Walk by Joro | Painting

Painting Evening Walk  by Joro | Painting
Evening Walk Painting Evening Walk  by Joro | Painting
Evening Walk Painting Evening Walk  by Joro | Painting

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Evening Walk " has been created by the contemporary artist Joro.
The artist used mixed medium to create this special, Small size painting.


  • - Compatible frames : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Is framable : yes
  • - Format : small
  • - Size : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Köln
Unique and certified artworks

Joro Bulgaria
Born to an artist father, Lyubomir Kolarov, Georgi spent most of his childhood with an intimate familiarity with paint and the smell of turpentine. A lover of art as well as a guitarist, he decided to focus his education on learning painting techniques while also pursuing music as his personal choice. His first contribution to the domain was in theatre, as a lighting director and scenic artist. Later, he worked for a few years as a 3D designer for a television company. In 2005, seasoned through his experience gained from his education and his work, Georgi decided to return to his first love. Now, he dedicates all his time to painting.
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