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Painting Inaya by Rosângela | Painting

Painting Inaya by Rosângela | Painting
InayaPainting Inaya by Rosângela | Painting
InayaPainting Inaya by Rosângela | Painting
InayaPainting Inaya by Rosângela | Painting

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Inaya" has been created by the contemporary artist Rosângela.
The artist used mixed medium to create this special, Large size painting.
  • - Compatible frames : 80 x 80 cm
  • - Is framable : yes
  • - Format : large
  • - Size : 80 x 80 cm
  • - Mounting type : Artwork mounted on stretcher frame
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Rosângela France
Rosangela Sousa Ferreira is a painter of Brazilian origin. Self-taught, she started drawing at a very young age. She explores and familiarizes herself with this art by herself, and offers her drawings to the people she loves and those around her. One of her creations was sent to the government commission and allowed her to be noticed. Thus, at the age of 16, Rosangela was nominated to represent Brazil in the field of arts at the University of Rhode Island, during a WSAG congress. In 1998, she changed her life, her job, and left to discover Canada. Twelve years later, in 2010, she left to conquer Europe. This new change of life confirms her in this way and in her career as a painter.
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