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Victoria Veedell

  • Painter

Victoria Veedell has always lived in the world of art. From her studies in France and in the United States, to her experiences as assistant for renowned artists or art galleries, including many artist retreats she has taken part in, everything has contributed to developing her sensitivity and style.

Beauty in nature is her greatest inspiration and her travels to countries such as Iceland, China or India have greatly influenced her work. She loves to trace stains of colours and the intensity of lights and to transform them into inferred landscapes that are ""not seen but felt"". Her many discoveries never cease to amaze her and to push her to explore the infinite possibilities of her painting.

She takes many pictures and undertakes studies in watercolour, which all become souvenirs that will serve as a starting point for her works. In her atelier in California, she prepares her canvases by covering them with a bright under layer of yellow or pink that will allow her to give light to the work and that will appear in bursts in the final work. She enjoys the softness of artist paintbrushes as much as the rigidity of painting implements used in construction and favours powerful colours, which she combines with talent. She builds her works by superimposing a multitude of fine layers of oil paint, looking to generate light. Her dream-like landscapes are rendered using shades of emerald or sapphire, raised with gold or with bursts of pure white. They seduce and appease the viewer and convey to us a bit of her serenity.

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