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Alferov | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Russian Federation (the)
  • Painter

Alferov grew up in a family where art was omnipresent: his great-grandfather was an architect, while his brother was also an artist. Thus, he naturally turned to an art education and worked, at first, as a decorator in a theater. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts, he moved to Moscow, where he joined the city's committee of graphic artists. There he met members of the non-conformist art community and joined them. He then participated, with his brother, in numerous exhibitions in Russia.
Alferov is inspired by the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, as well as the legends and stories of ancient civilizations. The artist works with different techniques to create unique works. Canvas, oil, paper, gouache, tempera, colored pencils, sticks, combs... Alferov uses whatever he can find. His works are born out of chaos and stem from his attempt to understand the world, especially through ritual and mythology. His paintings are a true spiritual experience, reflecting the artist's vision and understanding of our world.
  • 1984-1997
    Exhibition at the Gallery on Solyanka.
    Moscow, Russian Federation (the)
  • 1984-1997
    Exhibition of the ARBATR association
    Moscow, Russian Federation (the)

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