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The decoration makes its autumn equinox



Decorating desires for your interior space vary with the seasons. Each time of year has a certain mood and you can recreate the spirit of the current season in your home to feel comfortable. The arrival of fall means falling temperatures and shorter days. This is the time when you slowly start to bring out the thick clothes and accessories with warm shades and simple patterns. This season offers an array of intense and comforting colors, perfect for giving a new look to your different spaces. Find in this article our ideas to help you create a fall decoration for your home.


décoration tendance automne


Warm up your living room with fall colors


The living room is one of the main rooms in your home. It is the central room where you spend most of your time, especially relaxing. The one where you like to lounge around, especially at the time of year when it gets dark earlier and earlier and the temperatures drop rapidly. This is the time when the urge to read a good book or watch your new series, deep on the couch, with a plaid and a hot drink in your hands, is present more than ever.

Decorating this room in the colors of the current season is a great way to make your home more authentic and inviting. For this purpose, our paintings in red, yellow and orange hues are perfect to dress up your walls. Those representing nature can bring serenity and calm to your living space. As for the more modern ones of pop or street art, they give ardor and vitality to the room. They would fit perfectly on your walls for a guaranteed autumnal atmosphere. Accompany our paintings with decorative objects in earthy colors such as cushions, plaids, rugs, or even lamps. Create homogeneity by associating one of our paintings with the colors of your room as well as the materials of the furniture in it. Choose from our wide selection and according to your preferences.


Travel in autumn from the entrance of your home with our paintings

The entrance and the corridors are the first rooms visited in a house. The decoration of these places is important, it allows the guest or the resident to be directly carried away in a particular atmosphere. With the arrival of the new season, decorate the walls of these two strategic areas with our paintings in red, yellow and orange. The autumn colors of these paintings help to create a pleasant and comforting atmosphere. Depending on the style you wish to give to your interior, choose between our graffiti paintings for an urban style and our oil or acrylic paintings for a more modern or contemporary style. All our paintings are available in small, medium or large format, to be adapted to the size of your space.


Create a cocooning space to sleep

The need to decorate your room to your taste is no longer to be proven. It is also a masterpiece of your home that should be cherished to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Creating an autumnal atmosphere in your bedroom, right down to the details, is a great way to design a reassuring space to feel comfortable and at ease at bedtime. Match the colors of your bedding to the wall decorations. Let your creativity flow and choose either :


  • a modern pop or street art painting
  • for an abstract art painting with a minimalist style
  • for a graffiti painting with an urban style
  • for a figurative art painting with a contemporary style
  • for an illustration

Add to this, a few accessories that remind of autumn like velvet cushions, a carpet with neutral colors, some plants and decorative objects and wooden furniture. The romantic and comforting colors of our wall art will make you spend pleasant moments in your bedroom. Our red, yellow and orange wall art is perfect for creating a cozy environment for the fall season.


Use our paintings to bring an autumnal touch to your bathroom and toilet

These two rooms are meant to be comforting and warm. They are the rooms of the house where the atmosphere remains as neutral as possible, regardless of the seasons. White, beige, brown and blue are the colors often used in these two rooms of the house to bring softness and lightness. You can dress up your walls by hanging one of our autumnal paintings mixing ochre, brown, with a little black and yellow. These smooth and enveloping colors are conducive to creating a cozy environment. If you prefer and to energize your relaxation areas, you can add a touch of originality by placing one of our paintings with brighter autumnal colors and a more pop or street style. An ideal mix to keep the rooms simple while creating a warmer and bolder atmosphere. Whether you want to give your office a chic style, a pop style or a minimalist style, our paintings will satisfy all your needs and desires in terms of decoration.

Cooking in an inspiring space filled with softness

The kitchen may not be the room you think of first when you think of creating a fall atmosphere. Yet, just by adding a few decorative items, you can transform the atmosphere of the kitchen. This room is filled with accessories that can easily be changed with the seasons to create the environment you want. Kitchen walls are ideal for displaying our food art to inspire you to create new recipes. Our abstract art can also fit perfectly into your cooking space. Choose from our fall landscape paintings, abstract art, illustrations, pop art and street art, depending on your taste and the style you want to give your home. Marrying the colors and materials of your cooking objects allows you to prepare your meals in a soft and inspiring atmosphere. Choose wooden utensils and dishes and use pastel colored dish towels and napkins. You can also add plants to give a little life to your space.


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