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The Christmas Collection - 22/11/2021

Discover the collection of works which are ideal to offer for Christmas
Do you like contemporary art? Why not gift art to your loved ones for Christmas? It is an original and unique gift! We have selected several contemporary artworks for you, that highlight the spirit of Christmas, winter, and the joy of the year-end celebrations, to discover new talented artists!

Gift contemporary art for a Christmas present

Whether you’re out of Christmas gift ideas or not, gifting art for a birthday or holiday season is always a great idea! And it's not just art lovers and collectors who will be delighted to receive a painting or sculpture for Christmas. An artwork as a gift can be unexpected, for example, you can offer a Street art painting to a young adult, woman, or man, or gift a feng shui work to someone who is passionate about interior design and who loves cozy moods. You don't have to be a connoisseur to appreciate a beautiful artwork and want to hang it on your walls! A contemporary artwork is a perfect gift because it remains authentic and unique, unlike the objects found in stores today. Choosing to give art for Christmas is being bold and giving a personal and sincere gift. Not only do you enjoy yourself, but as a plus, the person who receives your gift won’t forget about it!  

Explore our selection of contemporary Christmas art

To help you choose from the hundreds (or thousands) of artworks on the market and find the right Christmas present that will please each time, we have made an exclusive selection of contemporary artworks from our art gallery. You can explore and browse through the works of our Shiny Art collection, which are specially dedicated to the winter atmosphere and the year-end celebrations. To highlight the elation and joy of Christmas, we opted for works that possess golden, shiny, glitter, black and silver details, to experience an artistic, sweet, and resolutely modern Christmas. You shall find soothing, joyful, relaxing, intense, minimalist paintings, which are decorative as ever and make us dream, so that the long winter evenings are merrier. The tones and nuances of these works of art are subdued and silky, with patterns that encourage us to unwind, genuine portraits or harmonious and bewitching abstract forms. There is always something for everyone, for all types of walls and for all budgets!

Discover the collection of works which are ideal to offer for Christmas

Who are the artists of the Christmas collection?

The Shiny Art Collection possesses more than 170 artworks. Many artists from our art gallery are represented through this Christmas selection. For example, you can find paintings by the Spanish artist Laura Bofill, which are not only moving but original and feminine, or by Gérard Clisson, who uses recovered materials to create unique works, bordering on painting and sculpture. If you are looking for a figurative and colorful work, Karine Romanelli's collages should appeal to you! Do you prefer cozy, minimalist, and soothing atmospheres? Discover the works of the German artist Hilde Wilms which are ideal for a decorative Christmas present, and which feels good! The Shiny Art collection includes other artists from the Carré d'artistes art gallery: Lemonnier François Régis, Perrotte, Bastide d'Izard Armelle, Lau Blou, Lovisa, Rey Julien, Kano Okuuchi, Roma Gaïa, Haelyn Y, Boiteux Etienne, and many more!


Buy artwork to encourage contemporary artists

Whether it’s for a present or for yourself, buying art is a genuine pleasure. But it is also a committed process! By purchasing an artwork from an artist in our art gallery, you are encouraging them to continue composing artwork and be creative. Many artists cannot make a living through their passion and art today. Choosing to buy a painting or a sculpture is like giving them an opportunity to do so, to devote themselves entirely to their creations and their art. Without buyers and art lovers, creative activities in France and around the world would be rather poor. To buy artwork, it's a good idea to understand how the art market works, but you don't have to! Through our collections, you can choose a contemporary artwork that you like and buy it, without necessarily being an intellectual or a seasoned collector! With Carré d'artistes, you have the advantage of being able to choose a work and buy it through ease, going with the flow of your emotions and being supported by our art curators.


What are the advantages of the Carré d'Artistes Shiny Art collection?

You can benefit from exclusive advantages! All the artworks that we offer you are certified authentic and unique (delivered with certificate), the delivery is immaculate and secure, not to mention that the delivery and return are free until January 15th. The works are also guaranteed for 30 days, and it is possible to pay in 3 installments, free of charge November 19th. You can choose the frame you want for the purchased artwork. Don't forget to take part in our competition: a raffle is being held for buyers, from November 19 to December 25, to try and win a 50x50 cm painting. It would be a pity to miss out on this!

Do not wait any longer and come discover the contemporary art paintings from the Shiny Art collection, and find the ideal Christmas present and gift art for the holiday season!


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