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Pigni Diana | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Pigni Diana | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Pigni Diana
  • Latvia
  • Painter

"Art is the most intense way to express yourself, to inspire others and to show your personality".
Born in a small Latvian town, Diani Pigni is above all a dreamer who has been drawing princesses since she was a child. She first turned to a career in marketing, business management and logistics. Then, in 2016, she rediscovered her passion during an art course in Milan. Within a few years, she changed her path, and her works quickly reached the whole world. Since then, Diana has participated in many group exhibitions in Italy and Latvia and has won several awards. In 2022, she is having a solo exhibition in Riga with the theme, "Grace and the city."
Born not far from a metropolis, it is the urban landscapes that have always fascinated Diana the most. Her travels also inspire her, and her art depicts what she observes around the globe. Finally, as a reminder of her childhood in a quite humid climate, the representation of night rains remains her favorite subject. Using oil paint on canvas, the artist brings her vision of the world to life in a figurative and majestic way. At first rather cold, the colors she uses are gradually fanned under her brushstrokes and palette knife. These abstract effects bring unique vibrations to her paintings and often drape them with a veil of melancholy. Much appreciated by art collectors, she wishes to share her artistic passion with others: in her eyes, painting makes a house a home.
  • 2022
    Solo Exhibition
    Riga, Latvia
  • 2022
    Exposition Artetra
    Milan, Italy
  • 2021
    Won a Second place in an art competition
    Online, Switzerland
  • 2020
    Prix Dem Venice Art Gallery
    Venice, Italy
  • 2016
    Discover of oil painting
    Riga, Latvia
(7 Artworks)

7 Artworks

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