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Buy an Animal Painting from Carré d'artistes


Are you considering buying a painting with an animal theme?

Carré d'artistes presents you with a wide selection of paintings: landscape paintings, nude paintings, still life paintings, seascape paintings, and especially animal paintings. Animal painting is characterized by the more or less figurative representation of one or more animals in a painting.

Explore different ways to choose a painting that showcases the beauty and grace of animals. Artworks representing animals have always been appreciated for their ability to capture the nature, diversity, and power of wildlife.

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Whether you're looking for a pop art painting of animals, a wildlife painting, a multicolored animal painting, a dressed animal painting, or even a design animal painting, you'll find here tips to find the perfect animal artwork for your collection.

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Buy an animal painting Carré d'artistes


Why buy an animal painting?

Nature is an inspiration for animal painters, as animals, whether wild or domestic, offer great decorative potential.

Carré d'artistes offers a magnificent collection that will undoubtedly please art and wall decor enthusiasts. Modern animal paintings will perfectly complement the decor of an

apartment; they can enhance a living room, dining room, lounge, office, or bedroom.

Looking to add some "pep" to your interior? Opt for a tropical jungle decoration or a pop art animal decoration with wild beasts!

Prefer a calmer ambiance? We have a wide range of black and white animal paintings.

Your interior decoration will be as unique as our artworks and painters!


Personalized animal paintings for originality

Transform any animal into a work of art!

At Carré d'artistes, our animal painters are here to create a personalized animal painting just for you! Any specific requests or inspirations?

You can make your request in the "Custom Artwork" tab, just one click away from fulfilling your expectations!


Wild animal paintings for a touch of wildlife in your interior

Our art curators have selected wild animal paintings from Africa featuring elephants, lions, zebras, bringing a taste of the African savannah to your home.

For lovers of our continental forests, explore our forest animal paintings featuring wolves, deer, and more.


Domestic animal paintings for a touch of gentleness in your interior

For the younger ones, cute animal paintings will beautifully decorate a child's or teenager's bedroom. With their soft colors and trendy nuances, they will add a cute and colorful touch to your decor.

Visit our art galleries and explore our wide selection of paintings featuring your favorite animals.

Browse our online platform and choose the medium that will further enhance the portrait of the animal that resonated with you.


Add a touch of pop art to your decor with pop art animal paintings

Discover the fascinating world of pop art with our collection of vibrant and bold animal paintings. Pop art animal paintings are an excellent way to add energy and personality to your interior.


Characteristics of animal paintings



An animal painting is easily recognizable: it is figurative, as it is possible to identify at least one animal. It can be a pet, such as a dog or cat, a domestic animal like a horse or farm animals, or even a wild animal. Any species from the animal kingdom can be represented. The composition possibilities are therefore immense.

However, animal painting only became a separate genre in modern times. Before that, although animal representations were found in contemporary-style paintings, they were rarely the central subject of the artwork.


Techniques of animal painting

For a long time, animal paintings were created using oil painting techniques. However, with the advent of acrylic techniques, most paintings are now made with this medium. The creation of an animal painting involves an essential preparatory phase: drawing and sketching. Throughout history, numerous animal drawings can be found, particularly in classical art education, as animal postures and expressions provide excellent training for artists.


History of animal painting

Animal painting has ancient origins. From prehistoric times, in cave art, animal representations can be found in caves (such as Chauvet Cave or Lascaux Cave, for example). In antiquity, animals familiar to humans or mythological creatures were also subjects of representation. During the Middle Ages, animals present in the Bible were depicted, including sheep, horses, dogs, foxes, and birds. A large collection of fantastic beasts also developed during this period.

Later, during the Renaissance and classical periods, horses often appeared in paintings. Like dogs, horses were animals closely associated with humans at that time. Hunting scenes provided opportunities to paint dogs and game with meticulous realism. While animals often served as subjects for sculptures, it was not the case for paintings. Before the 20th century and the rise of animal canvases, there were few animal painters who created portraits of animals.


Famous animal paintings

One of the most famous animal paintings is "The Forest Fire" (1515) by Piero di Cosimo. The tapestries from the early 16th century depicting "The Lady and the Unicorn" are essential elements in the history of art. During the same period, there is also Albrecht Dürer's engraved "Rhinoceros" (1515) and Franck Snyders' "The Dog Fight." The famous "White Horse" by Gauguin (1898) is also remembered. In the 20th century, among the most well-known, we encounter Picasso and his numerous representations of birds and bulls, as well as Foujita and his immoderate love for cats, of which he painted portraits.

At Carré d'artistes, discover contemporary animal paintings by artists such as Anne R, Hervé Maury, Raphaële Lennoz, Moogly, and many more.



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