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Are you considering purchasing a bronze sculpture ? 

Carré d'artistes presents an extensive selection of bronze statues. Bronze sculptures are artworks crafted from an alloy of copper and tin, meticulously worked using ancestral techniques.

Bronze sculptures have long held an irresistible appeal for art enthusiasts worldwide. These magnificent works, shaped by talented sculptors, captivate our imagination and tangibly express human creativity.

Carré d'artistes offers a wide range of bronze sculptures, including pop art, street art, classical, and unique art styles.


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Classic Sculpture: Nude - Parvati, Desired by the Artist Buil Philippe, Depicting the Nude Bust of a Woman.


The History of Bronze Sculptures


Bronzes from Ancient Cultures: Greek and Roman Bronzes

The bronzes of ancient cultures bear witness to a rich artistic heritage. The Greeks and Romans were particularly renowned for their achievements in bronze. Greek bronzes embodied idealized beauty and formal perfection, depicting Greek goddesses and other mythological figures. Roman bronze sculptures, on the other hand, often portrayed realistic portraits of influential personalities of the time.


Bronze Sculpture in the Modern Era

During the modern era, from the 15th to the 18th century, bronze sculpture experienced a revival. Talented artists such as Émile Louis Picault, Jean de Bologne, and Leonardo da Vinci explored new techniques and created finely crafted works. Bronze sculptures from this period often served as decorative pieces for royal courts and aristocratic residences.


Bronze Sculpture in the Contemporary Era

With the advent of the contemporary era, bronze sculpture continued to evolve. Visionary artists like Alberto Giacometti pushed the boundaries of form and expression, creating bronze sculptures with elongated proportions and enigmatic silhouettes. Contemporary bronze sculpture is marked by bold explorations of form, texture, and ideas.

Thus, bronzes from ancient cultures, bronze sculptures from the modern era, and contemporary bronze sculptures all bear witness to the ongoing significance of this material in art. Whether for its beauty, durability, or ability to capture human expression, bronze remains a favored medium for creating timeless works of art.


How are Bronze Sculptures Made?

Have you ever wondered how a bronze sculpture is created? Before admiring a finished bronze casting as featured in our catalog, it all starts with the creation of an original model in clay, meticulously shaped by the skilled hands of the sculptor. Once the model is complete, various techniques are employed to bring the bronze sculpture to life. The widely used traditional method is known as lost-wax casting. In this technique, a layer of wax is applied to the clay model, which is then covered with a plaster or clay mold. Once the mold is dry, it is heated to melt the wax, leaving behind an exact cavity of the sculpture.

The mold is then filled with molten bronze, which solidifies to take on the shape of the sculpture. Once cooled, the bronze sculpture is removed from the mold, imperfections are corrected, and it is patinated to achieve the desired color and finish. This meticulous and expert process ensures the quality and beauty of bronze sculptures, preserving even the smallest details of the original clay model.


How is Bronze Cast? 

This is the stage where the artist collaborates with a foundry. The foundry is responsible for pouring the molten bronze (heated to 1300 °C) by gravity into a refractory mold from which the wax has been removed during its firing. The molten metal is then poured into crucibles to be poured into the mold. The pouring can only be done once the slag that forms on the surface has been removed.

However, in most bronze sculptures, the casting is done with wax. Similar to pouring hot chocolate into a cake mold, wax is poured into an elastomer mold. Carefully done, piping components are introduced into the wax during the molding process, which will later be used for demolding.


Coating and Wax Melting

In bronze art, coating is the phase of shaping and conditioning the paste that will be later introduced into the furnace to create the final mold used by the artist for their work. To make this paste, wax is poured into a cylinder and coated with a refractory paste. It is this paste that will be fired in the furnace. Before seeing the finished and solid work, the metal is melted during the casting stage. Then, during the melting stage, the mold is placed in a molten furnace to burn off the wax. Only once the wax has been burned off, thanks to the piping system introduced during the molding process, can it be separated from the mold.


Bronze Chiseling

Bronze chiseling is one of the skills in bronze art that requires expertise, dexterity, and concentration that only a professional can demonstrate. During this phase, the bronze figurine is polished and refined to the finest details.



The patina is the final step in the production of a bronze statue. It is the process that gives specific colors and appearance to bronze sculptures. The patina process is typically unique to each artist and involves applying different products that are heated and diluted with water. The combinations are numerous, but as an example:

  • Sulfur sulfide creates a dark brown color.
  • Iron oxide produces a red color.
  • Copper nitrate creates a green color.
  • Sodium carbonate produces blue.
  • Iron nitrate creates a reddish-brown color.
  • Zinc oxide results in white.


Reasons to Invest in a Bronze Sculpture

There are multiple reasons to invest in a bronze sculpture:
  • Unique and Original: If you desire to acquire a one-of-a-kind and original sculpture, bronze is one of the most durable metals that will maintain its freshness and withstand the test of time. For bronze sculptors, using bronze for their masterpieces ensures long-lasting creations.

  • Artistic Value: Bronze sculptures possess undeniable artistic value. Each piece is the result of the talent and sensitivity of a sculptor, often conveying deep symbolism, evoking emotions, and telling stories.

  • Preservation of Value: Bronze sculptures have a history of retaining or appreciating in value over time. As the artist gains recognition and their body of work grows, the value of their sculptures may increase. This makes bronze sculptures not only aesthetically pleasing but also potential assets.

  • Ornamental Preciousness: A bronze sculpture can be a precious ornament, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior or exterior space. Its presence can enhance the overall ambiance and serve as a focal point of admiration.



The world of resin sculptures is a true treasure trove of diversity, offering a multitude of styles and genres to satisfy all artistic tastes. Whether you are drawn to the dynamism of pop art, the elegance of design, or the fascination of abstract forms, resin sculptures will enchant you with their originality and expressiveness.

While exploring our collection, you will find that we offer much more than just bronze sculptures. You will encounter an array of contemporary sculptures, ranging from street art to pop art, metal sculptures to abstract sculptures.

Whatever size you are seeking, from delicate small pieces to imposing sculptures, whether it's animal bronze sculptures or female bronze sculptures, you will find diverse options to embellish your space. Additionally, the price range caters to different budgets, allowing everyone the opportunity to own a bronze sculpture that suits their means. This variety of artistic expressions will enable you to find the piece that resonates best with your sensibilities and style.

By choosing Carré d'artistes, you become part of the largest art enthusiasts' community in Europe. Whether you prefer to purchase artwork online or visit one of our art galleries, you will have access to our extensive network of over 600 contemporary artists. This offers you a unique opportunity to discover new talents and support emerging artists.

Finally, allow us to reveal the secrets behind the creation of a bronze sculpture. This complex process requires remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail. From creating the original model to crafting the bronze sculpture, each step is executed with precision and passion. The artists at Carré d'artistes master the art of bronze sculpture, giving life to works that marvel with their finesse and timeless beauty.


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