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Victor's Selection

How long have you been working at CDA? What does your job involve?

It has been almost two years. To arouse curiosity, to convey passion, to take people out of themselves.

What do you like the most about your work? Where does this passion for art come from?

Sharing, with passers-by of course, but also with the artists I meet, as well as my colleagues. I have always kept an intimately aesthetic relationship with the world around me. This does not mean that I am particularly attracted by beauty, but by what makes people feel. "Feeling" is the main function of art, it seems to me, and I am therefore naturally very sensitive to it.

An anecdote to share with us? With an artist, a client or a collaborator? Something you will never forget?

Even in those two short and eventful years, there have been so many great stories that it would be difficult to draw up an exhaustive list of it. But there is one thing I will always remember: a client, who was discovering the Carré d'artistes concept, was captivated by a David Fonteyne work of art, which she wanted to give to her parents as a gift for their wedding anniversary. 
Unfortunately, the painting had been sold. Faced with her disappointment, not to mention her sadness, I had to find a solution. I discussed it with the artist who, moved, made a painting inspired by this emotion. The joy expressed by this lady when she discovered this new work, I will remember it for a long time, I think. This moment remains rather insignificant, one might say. But I am firmly convinced that the true beauty of things lies in the simplicity of these moments of life. Is that not the foundation of our profession? 

What inspired you to make this selection? What does it mean? What message did you want to convey?

Travel, freedom, escape. We can't explore the world right now, so art brings it to us. 

If you had to describe Carré d'artistes in three words, which ones would you choose? Why would you choose them? 

Sharing. Passion. And openness. Sharing because we are exchanging every day. This exchange is based on a common passion. Passion which is, and this is, in my opinion, the major asset of Carré d'artistes, destined to be opened to all, by all, and for all. 


Why do you think art is important?

I agree with the aphorism of Ippolit Terentiev in Dostoyevsky's novel: "Art (beauty) will save the world". This sentence, especially in this strange period, takes on its full meaning. 


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