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Buying a Painting by Technique with Carré d'Artistes

Considering buying a painting by technique?

Carré d'Artistes presents a way to understand art through a broad selection of paintings. Among our category of paintings by technique includes: Acrylic Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Graffiti Paintings, Oil Paintings.

In the eclectic and fascinating world of art, the painting technique adopted by an artist is essential for bringing their creative vision to life. At Carré d'Artistes, we offer a wide range of works, representing an exceptional variety of artistic techniques.


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Whether you are drawn to the depth and richness of the oil painting technique, the modernity and vibrancy of the acrylic painting technique, the delicate finesse of the watercolor painting technique, or the originality of the collage painting technique in a mixed technique, our gallery is sure to captivate you.

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Different painting techniques

There are a multitude of types and painting techniques, ranging from acrylic to watercolor, including oil painting. Some techniques are relatively recent, like spray painting that emerged in the 20th century, while others have a long history in the field of fine arts.

  • Acrylic Painting: This is a pictorial method that employs pigments combined with synthetic resins.
  • Graffiti Painting : This paint is applied with a sprayer or aerosol can.
  • Watercolor Painting: This is a pictorial method that uses finely ground pigments mixed with gummed water.
  • Dripping: A technique of applying paint that involves letting it drop. This technique was popularized by the painter Jackson Pollock.
  • Diptych / Triptych: These are works consisting of two (or three) panels, fixed or movable, that complement each other.
  • Gouache: This is a gummed water paint, similar to watercolor, but is covering and opaque.
  • Oil Painting: This is a pictorial technique that uses a mixture of pigments and drying oil.
  • Lacquer: This technique uses a resin from latex, which forms a protective coating when dried.
  • Monochrome: This technique involves creating a work using a single color, shade, and value.

How to choose a painting by its technique at Carré d'Artistes

Art is much more than a mere decor; it's an expression of your personality and a means of creating a particular atmosphere in your interior. Each painting technique brings a unique dimension to your space. At Carré d'Artistes, we offer a range of techniques that allow you to customize your space to your taste.

Acrylic Painting Technique - Modernity and Variety

The acrylic painting, by its modernity and variety, brings a contemporary touch to your interior. With the acrylic painting technique, you can choose from a multitude of textures and styles, from abstract to figurative, to create a space that reflects your innovative spirit.

Oil Painting Technique - Revitalized Tradition

Oil painting, on the other hand, introduces a traditional aspect into your space. By opting for a work done with the oil painting technique, you will bring depth and a richness of colors to your decor. Still lifes or oil portraits add a timeless dimension and warmth to your interior.

Water Painting Technique - The Challenge of Transparency

The water painting technique is perfect for creating a light and airy atmosphere. Works done with this technique feature a transparency and delicacy that brings a sense of calm and serenity to your space.

Explore Collage Art and Mixed Media Technique at Carré d'Artistes

Collage art is a veritable playground for artists, where they can express their creativity through the assembly of varied elements. At Carré d'Artistes, you have the opportunity to explore and discover works made with collage painting, a mixed media technique that marries paint with other elements to create unique and captivating pieces of art.

Collage painting is a form of art that utilizes the technique of layering to create complex images and interesting textures. By integrating elements such as pieces of paper, photographs, fabrics, or other objects into their works, artists can add new depth and dimension to their work.

By choosing a piece created with mixed media collage painting technique, you're not only bringing an artistic element to your interior, but also introducing an intriguing conversation piece that will stimulate your guests' imaginations. Whether to embellish a large blank wall or add an artistic touch to a small space, the collage painting works from Carré d'Artistes are an excellent way to make your interior unique and expressive.

Why Opt for a Work of Art from Carré d'Artistes?

Choosing a piece from Carré d'Artistes means opting for authenticity, quality, and diversity. The gallery offers a varied range of painting techniques, from classical techniques such as the oil painting technique to innovative mixed media techniques. Each piece is the result of thoughtful and meticulous work, designed to withstand the test of time.

Moreover, originality is at the heart of their selection, with a multitude of bold artists using their favored technique to express a unique vision of the world. In essence, a work of art from Carré d'Artistes brings a touch of unique and high-quality art to your interior.


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