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For those who want nothing but: art
We all have that one person in our lives who claims to "not want anything for Christmas". For those who want nothing but: art! For this reason, this holiday season, we've put together six gift lists of artworks for six different types of personalities! For your daydreaming dad, your adventurous sister, your crazy pet lover, your aunt who is a secret Lady Gaga fan... In short, there's something for every style, every taste. With these 6 Christmas lists, you will find the ideal and original gift that will perfectly match your loved one!

You don't know which artwork to choose? We help you identify this person’s personality in order to find the perfect gift that will make their heart pound wildly, just like Jingle Bells!


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Whether it’s for a gift or simply to please yourself, discovering an artwork is always a unique moment. At Carré d’artistes, we strive to make this moment magical. For any purchase of an artwork and a frame, we sublimate it with a nice gift box. For artworks from 13x13cm to 36x36cm.


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Christmas is undoubtedly the ideal occasion to share special moments with family, couples or friends. To mark this day, it is customary to give gifts to your loved ones to show them the affection and love you have for them. Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Nativity Day but you still don't know which one to choose? Find out here why a work of art is a perfect gift and how to make an informed choice to please your loved ones.



For Christmas, you are thinking of giving an original gift to a loved one but you hesitate to take the plunge? Here are the reasons why you should take the plunge.


A work of art is a unique gift

By offering a unique work of art for the Christmas party, you show the recipient of the gift that you know him or her well. It is a very personal gesture and a rewarding process that commits you to the person receiving the gift.

Artistic objects or paintings are gifts that are given according to the tastes and personality of a loved one. It is a priceless mark of affection and love. Thus, if it is well chosen, the paintingor the sculpture will allow to trigger a particular emotion in the person.

Notice that it is strongly advised to opt for a unique work rather than a reproduction or a copy sold in unlimited series. A unique work of art is different from any other object and it carries a signature and a certificate of authenticity that are a guarantee of authenticity and originality.


A work of art is a lasting gift


Do you want to offer a present that will stand the test of time, and that your loved one will be able to appreciate over a long period of time? Go for a painting. Appliances or other gifts that fit into this category generally have a limited time of use.

On the other hand, a work of art, whether it is a contemporary sculpture or a painting, is not easily damaged because it is displayed and not used. If perfectly selected, this type of gift will accompany your loved one for many years.


The works of art are accessible


While it is true that some artistic creations are displayed at exorbitant prices, there are paintings available at reasonable rates. Indeed, today, you can find sublime and authentic works of art likely to catch the eye and delight the heart at affordable prices. These are usually the creations of very talented but not very famous artists. You are sure to find a painting, a sculpture or a photograph on the specialized platforms at a price that fits your budget.


There are many other reasons why you should give an art piece as a Christmas gift to a loved one. These gifts are environmentally friendly and they create a special bond with your loved ones. In addition, these gifts evoke a strong emotion, whether it be appeasement, enthusiasm or admiration.




By now you know how important it is to choose an original piece of art as a Christmas gift. In order for your gift to have a great effect, you must choose it with the utmost care. Here are a few criteria and tips to consider to ensure that you give the best work to your loved ones.


Find out about the recipient's tastes and preferences


In order to give a gift of art to a loved one or family member, you must first have an idea of their tastes. Is your friend into abstract art or photography? 

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before shopping around for art. If the gift recipient is a true art lover, then you need to pay special attention to their tastes. Find out about their favorite artists or their favorite painting styles.

If you know the recipient of the gift well, then this task will not be complicated. All you have to do is choose the work, taking into account the colors he or she prefers. Also, depending on whether your loved one is sensitive to contemporary or modern art, you will know which piece to select. Note that whatever the tastes of the person in honor, there are accessories that fit perfectly with his personality.


Take into account the decoration possibilities


If you are fortunate enough to know the recipient's interior, this is a great advantage. This can help guide you in choosing the artistic piece that would please them. All you have to do is imagine the possibilities of your accessory in terms of decoration.

This factor will allow you to choose a work of art with appropriate shapes and dimensions for example. For example, a 2 meter wide painting will not be suitable for a small studio. On the other hand, a work of art will hardly fit in a rustic environment.


Personalize the artwork


In itself, an artwork is a unique gift, but it is possible to make the accessory more original by opting for a personalized artwork. The framing of the support offers many possibilities in terms of personalization. This way, you can add your own touch to the present you have chosen.


Preferably choose a work of art signed by the artist. By doing so, you will make your present even more original and it will be more valuable to the recipient. Note that on our platform, the artistic works available already bear the signature of the creative artists. It is therefore the ideal solution for people who are looking for a personalized present for the Christmas party.


Remember that a work of art is the best present to give to a loved one for Christmas. Do not hesitate to browse our collections to find the rare pearl that will please your friend, partner or colleague.



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