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Manuel Martinez | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Manuel Martinez

  • France

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, Manuel Martinez is now exploring new perspectives. Since its creation, Carré d'artistes accompanies and highlights the work of artists. Whether they are young artists or well-known artists, Carré d'artistes gives them global exposure to live their passion and today showcases more than 600 talents from all over the world. Feel free to discover our new talents carefully selected each month by our art department.

The entire story that links Manuel Martinez and his pallet can be found in his tableaus in which the lines retrace a narration of forms and colours.
The body, the motif that is used most often in his acrylic paintings, is a pretext for exploring lines and volumes. Drawing on a graphic vocabulary and the street art universe the artist’s canvases or his mural paintings are the expression of a new writing in which he reorganises the symbols. A hand becomes a line of waves, a nose a tube, an eye a circle, the entire composition transforms gradually into a giant equation that Manuel Martinez enjoys solving, with a will to “reorganise the chaos” as he calls it.
Chance does, however, also play a role and the paintings on boxes that have been ripped and torn by the artist tackle the question of the arbitrary, the economy and the fragility of the gesture as a sine qua non condition of the act of creation.
It isn’t the significance of the forms in their representation that interests Manuel Martinez though, but rather their supposed or presumed sense; the graphic or chromatic necessity of the composition being carried out, the urgency of the gestures of painting which is impulsive due to the needs of the tableau. By working opposites so as to better combine them, the artist searches for the “vibrations” that create the contradiction between two colours, a cross that is close to a bump, floating and autonomous elements that fit together as creative possibilities, as so many revelatory shocks.

Currently this artist is only exhibited in our online gallery.

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