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Sculpture Omer 8/8 (bleu) by Marazzani Valérie | Sculpture Classic Resin Animals

Sculpture Omer 8/8 (bleu) by Marazzani Valérie | Sculpture Classic Resin Animals

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This unique and original contemporary artwork "Omer 8/8 (bleu)" on the subject of Animals has been created by the contemporary artist Marazzani Valérie.
The artist used Resin medium to create this Classic, sculpture.


  • - Style : Classic
  • - Medium : Resin
  • - Subject : Animals
  • - Size : 20 x 15 x 10 cm
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    Marazzani Valérie
    Marazzani Valérie France
    An instinctive and intuitive artist, Valérie Marazzani was born in May 1966 in Chatenay-Malabry in the suburbs of Paris. After studying business, she worked for 12 years in electronics, where she took advantage of her professional trips to visit the museums of Europe. After the birth of her second child, she decided, with the blessing of her father, who in the meantime had become her biggest fan, to return to her first aspiration, borne from her childhood memories. Her dad, a jazz musician, had refused to join an art school, for fear of a future that was too chaotic. Valérie travelled the parks and gardens of Paris to find the sculptures that her paternal grandfather copied on his school notebooks. 20 years ago, she began her sculpture work with direct carving, and 3 years ago she moved towards moulding and resin, including monuments for outdoor spaces.
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