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UBUNTU by Aurélie

"I chose to highlight works that translate Ubuntu, through feelings, emotions, sharing and a lot of hope."

We are all connected to each other in ways that the eye cannot see. Ubuntu comes from the Bantu languages of central and southern Africa. It is a way of breathing, a way of thinking that is open to others, radiating generosity and sharing, without backward thinking, for a united humanity. The Ubuntu way of thinking is that the human being is nothing without a hand stretched out towards the other.

I was recently introduced to this philosophy and I must say that it was a revelation on all levels. First of all, because I personally find myself completely in these very human values of sharing and generosity. And the parallel with what we do on a daily basis at Carré d'artistes with/thanks to our artists was so obvious, it inspired me to create this collection, in all simplicity and true sincerity.
(15 Artworks)

15 Artworks

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