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The nude is a privileged genre in the history of art. It has always been one of the favorite subjects of painters, sculptors, drawers, and photographers.
Contemporary artists continue this artistic tradition by continuing to paint nudes, both female and male. A true testimony to the evolution of artistic standards through the ages, this artistic genre of the human body representation is one of the academic classifications of works of art.

If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your space or learn more about this special genre, you are at the right place. Browse through our selection of unique and original nude paintings for sale, and find the perfect piece for you!
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Nudity in art and its importance throughout history 

Nude painting : Chaperon Martine, La vie en rose 2


History and importance of nude painting

Nude art has varied interpretations based on the era, cultural customs, and traditions of the time, from fascination with beauty to shame and sin. Its evolution is a testament to the changing attitudes and aesthetic standards.
Representing the nudity of the human body in all its forms, regardless of sex, age, or morphology, has long been crucial in artistic training, whether it’s painting or sculpture.

Artistic nude art has existed since prehistoric times but especially flourished in ancient Greece and Rome. During the Middle Ages, nudity became rare and associated with sin.
The Renaissance revived nude art, shedding its negative image. The artists were inspired by antiquity, as in the Birth of Venus by Botticelli (1485), or in religious paintings.
However, the Counter-Reformation forbade nude representations in worship places, leading to alterations like those in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, and many other works of art.

Nude art resurfaced in the 19th century with the paintings of Caravaggio or of Ingres, which often reveal female nudity, as in The Great Odalisque.
Art history is rich with nude drawings to study anatomy and human form. The nude woman often symbolizes fertility, love, and seduction while the male nude often depicts strength, courage, and virility, as can be seen in the works of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci.


The characteristics and evolution of nude artwork

Nude painting is characterized by the representation of the nudity of the human body, often with veils covering sexual parts, due to moral modesty or religious prohibitions.

Before the 20th century, the representation of a nude in a painting was not considered a subject in its own right and was reserved for religious, mythological, or allegorical paintings.
Today, the nude is recognized genre and no longer censored, though it can still provoke shock. It can be provocative, sensual, soft, or be an allegory or an ingenious symbol.

Modern art movements like Cubism and abstract art redefined what a nude painting can be, as in Picasso's painting, Les demoiselles d'Avignon (1906), or Modigliani's, Nu couché (1917).  



Édouard Manet, a French painter of the 19th century, played a crucial role in the representation of the artistic nude. His controversial work, Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe (1863), marked a turning point in the history of art by breaking established conventions.

Manet also explored the female body in his other famous nude artwork, Olympia (1863). Contrary to traditional ideals of beauty, Manet presents a bold and independent woman, whose direct and assertive gaze challenges the viewer. Manet's paintings thus paved the way for a new approach to the representation of nudity in art, offering a more realistic and less idealized view of the human body.

The Origin of the World by Gustave Courbet also summarizes the artistic renewal in the representation of nudes in painting.



Carré d'Artistes offers a diverse selection of original nude art pieces, including both female and male nude paintings. At Carré d'Artistes, you can find nude art for sale, created by contemporary artists such as François Sahuc, Martine Chaperon, Yo, Corine Pagny, and many more who offer their unique interpretations of this genre.


How to incorporate nude paintings into your home decor?

Decorating with nude paintings can add an element of elegance and sensuality to your home. Putting it in a bedroom, office, or meditation room is a great option to fully appreciate the dimensions of the art pieces.

To ensure that your modern nude painting blends in perfectly with your decor, we recommend mixing sizes and shapes to give the composition an interesting dimension. In addition, you can create a horizontal layout to create a coherent, contemporary look in your decor.
Mixing styles and playing with textures could also help you enhance the beauty of your paintings by putting different types of frames, decorative objects, light, or textiles around them.

Don't hesitate to let your imagination run wild and create a decor that reflects your personality and unique style.


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