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Painting Devil Coca by Shokkobo | Painting Pop art Mixed Pop icons

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Devil Coca" on the subject of Pop icons has been created by the contemporary artist Shokkobo.
The artist used Mixed medium on Plexiglass to create this Pop art, Large size painting.


  • - Style : Pop art
  • - Medium : Mixed
  • - Subject : Pop icons
  • - Format : large
  • - Material : Plexiglass
  • - Size : 80 x 82 cm
  • - Mounting type : Artwork mounted on stretcher frame
  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Lille
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Shokkobo France
Graphic designers by trade who have become passionate about art and color have chosen to join forces to create dynamic chromatic compositions that blend the influences of their childhood and adolescence with their love of video games. Since then, the duo has been translating, on the , their personal and common vision of this 80's culture dedicated to entertainment, in a resolutely playful and enthusiastic way.
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