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Animals in Art


Animals have always been used in art. Their representation in paintings goes back to prehistoric times. In recent years, paintings depicting animals of all kinds have come back to the forefront to sublimate interiors, offices or shops.


Launched in 2001 by Stéphanie Tosi, the Carré d'artistes brand is a network of several contemporary art galleries presenting various paintings including animal paintings. Its main mission is to make art accessible to all.
After the inauguration of the first Carré d'artistes gallery in the city of Aix-en-Provence, the network expanded to other cities such as Paris and Lyon. It has not ceased to develop and tries the adventure of franchising in other non-French countries such as Moscow, Beirut, Vienna ... Currently, Carré d'artistes has nearly 30 galleries in the world, 20 000 works and 600 artists. Thanks to the development of franchising, the brand has accelerated its deployment throughout the world.
With several points of sale, it exhibits a collection of animal paintings and also online. The prices offered are very affordable and fixed. Currently, the company is looking for people with a passion for the arts who want to work in this sector.


Animal paintings, such as horse paintings, are available in different styles in art galleries.

Contemporary animal paintings

In the past, animal paintings were related to portraits or taxidermy. Today, they represent surrealism and inspiration. Thanks to their unusual appearance, contemporary art can be integrated into your home in all its splendour. It is always a pleasure to look at a painting... or other animals.


Pop art animal paintings

A lion painting is distinguished by its colour and fascinates many observers. Moreover, these wall ornaments allow you to explore several artistic dimensions. They are perfect for creating a personal atmosphere in your home. Each animal has its own colour assigned by nature. In the case of a pop art animal painting, the artists play with the colours to pleasantly surprise the viewers. An elephant painting can be in red and blue for example.

Abstract animal paintings

Abstract art takes up animals and gives them complex imaginative forms. In their works, artists use any subject from the animal kingdom. Painters and photographers have the same objective of magnifying the animal to add personality to interiors. Because of its uniqueness, a monkey painting titillates our imagination while presenting us with a world that is different from what we experience.


Since animal paintings are something we like to see all day long, it is best to find the right place for them. As the colours of a monkey painting are not resistant to high doses of UV light, don't put a cat painting in a sunny location or under halogen lighting. As for the height, the frames should be hung at eye level, i.e. 1.65 m from the floor.

As for the choice of room, a cat or other animal picture can be used in any room in the house. In the living room, it adds a very decorative aspect, while in a student's room, a lion painting brings an inspiring side. A horse painting will embellish a reception room with its warm colours.
An elephant painting has no difficulty in adapting to any environment. Whether your interior style is modern or traditional, a painting with animals can be used anywhere. Make sure that the fixing is as discreet and solid as possible.



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