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Considering buying a sculpture by format?

Sculptures hold a special place in interior decoration, adding a touch of contemporary art to our living spaces. The choice of size and format of sculptures plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious and captivating ambiance.

Whether you are drawn to large-format sculptures that impress with their imposing presence, small-format sculptures that add a delicate touch, or medium-sized sculptures that fit perfectly in your space, the possibilities are vast.

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At Carré d'artistes, discover small-format sculptures, medium-format sculptures, and large formats by contemporary artists such as Franck Lamboley, Aude Silve, Christine Blom, Julie Joly, and more.

You will find your next favorite piece online or in one of our art galleries. We offer various styles, including bronze sculptures, abstract sculptures, street art sculptures, pop art sculptures, and more.

Turn your sculpture purchase by format into reality through our vast network of over 600 artists! Save your favorites in your wishlist to stay updated on the news from your favorite artists and galleries! Also, receive the best of contemporary art news by subscribing to our newsletter.
sculptures by format

Tips for Choosing the Right Sculpture Format for Your Space

When choosing the right sculpture format for the size and style of your space, here are some tips to consider:

  • Evaluate the available space: Take precise measurements of the space where you want to place the sculpture to determine the maximum dimensions you can consider.
  • Consider ceiling height: High ceilings can accommodate larger sculptures, while lower ceilings may be better suited for medium-sized or small-format sculptures to avoid a sense of clutter.
  • Think about visual balance: A large-size sculpture can stand out in a spacious area, while a small-format piece can be seamlessly integrated into a more confined space without visually overwhelming it.
  • Harmonize with your room's style: Choose a sculpture format that aligns with the overall style of your interior decor. Contemporary sculptures by format can add a modern touch, while traditional sculptures can bring a classic note.
  • Consider functionality: If you're considering a sculpture in a high-traffic area or near furniture, make sure it doesn't obstruct movement and create imbalance in the space.
  • Play with proportions: Experiment with modern sculptures of different sizes to create interesting visual contrasts. A large-format sculpture can be paired with small-format sculptures for a balanced composition.
  • Reflect on emotional impact: Large-size sculptures can evoke a sense of grandeur and awe, while small-format sculptures can create an intimate and delicate ambiance.
  • Trust your instinct: Choose a sculpture that resonates with your artistic sensibility and attracts you. Art is subjective, so trust your intuition.
  • Experiment with placements: Try out different locations in your space to find the one that best showcases the sculpture and creates the desired aesthetic effect.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment: Be bold in your choices of sculpture formats, as sometimes an unexpected piece can become the key element of your interior decor.

Different Dimensions and Formats of Sculptures at Carré d'artistes

Small-Format Sculptures

Carré d'artistes offers a diverse selection of small-format sculptures that captivate attention with their delicacy and precision. These small art pieces are perfect for adding a subtle artistic touch to your interior decor. Whether it's a meticulously carved bronze sculpture or a contemporary creation in resin, Carré d'artistes' small-format sculptures offer a wide range of artistic expressions in compact dimensions.


Medium-Format Sculptures

Carré d'artistes also offers a range of medium-format sculptures, providing a balanced solution between small-format and large-format sculptures. These medium-sized pieces are versatile and adapt to different spaces and decor styles. Whether you prefer a hand-carved wooden sculpture or a contemporary artwork in metal, Carré d'artistes' medium-format sculptures offer a balanced aesthetic and appealing visual impact.


Large-Format Sculptures

For those looking to make a true artistic statement in their space, Carré d'artistes also offers a selection of large-format sculptures. These imposing pieces are designed to impress and draw attention. From monumental steel sculptures to bold creations in stone, Carré d'artistes' large-format sculptures give a majestic presence to your interior decor and create a striking focal point.


At Carré d'artistes, you'll find a wide choice of sculptures in different dimensions and formats, allowing you to find the perfect piece that harmonizes with your style and space. Whether you're looking for a delicate small-format sculpture, an impactful large-format sculpture, or a versatile medium-format sculpture, you'll discover unique artistic creations that add an aesthetic dimension to your interior decor.


Buying a Sculpture by Format at Carré d'artistes

Buying a sculpture by format at Carré d'artistes is an exciting artistic experience. The gallery offers a diverse selection of sculptures by format and various sizes to enhance your interior decor. Whether you're looking for a small sculpture to add a delicate touch, a large sculpture to create a strong visual impact, or a medium-sized sculpture to harmoniously balance your decor, Carré d'artistes offers options suited to all tastes.

When you buy a sculpture by format at Carré d'artistes, you're assured of receiving an authentic and high-quality artwork. Each sculpture is created by talented artists and bears the unique signature of its creator. You can discover the diversity of artistic styles and techniques available.

Buying a sculpture by format at Carré d'artistes means adding an exceptional art piece to your collection and creating an interior decor that reflects your artistic sensibility.


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