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You will find here paintings of cities, real or dreamed. Paris or American cities, will you recognize them? Better than posters that are too shiny and don't last, choose a city view painting, a painting that invites the city into your home. City atmosphere guaranteed!


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Themes in painting classify the subjects that are represented in a painting. At Carré d'artistes, we have selected the most representative current themes of contemporary painting. Although it is difficult to classify painting themes, one can attempt to divide them into two categories: representations that essentially revolve around humans and those that specifically concern nature and landscapes.

Whatever motif you are looking for to decorate the walls of your home, you will find it here!

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Urban painting : Work of Decoudun Jean-Charles, Notre Dame



Since cities are now an inseparable part of our landscapes, regardless of their size or notoriety, painting has often seized upon this subject. A city painting is easily recognizable: it includes elements that are clearly related to urban architecture.


Houses, roofs, chimneys, streets, pedestrians, means of transportation, and often tall buildings are all very clearly distinguishable. The emphasis is usually placed on long streets lined with tall buildings. This characteristic of urban art comes from the United States and the iconic New York, which remains a model for many cityscape painters today.

Thus, urban landscape painting draws inspiration from the architecture of the world and the bustling atmosphere, turbulent traffic, and feverish atmosphere of the very large cities that we have built.




The First City Paintings

City paintings are an important part of current artistic production. But this genre of painting has not always been widespread. In history, city paintings can be found in the Dutch Golden Age, in the 17th century, when city-dwellers wanted to show the pride and beauty of their cities. Jan van der Heyden, for example, is one of the most famous initiators of this urban landscape movement. Reproducing every detail, he painted Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Amsterdam, among others. Before this period, there were some representations of cities, but almost always as a background.

The city as a primary subject truly appeared in the Netherlands. Johannes Vermeer also painted some landscapes, such as the famous View of Delft, in 1660-1661. Later, it was in Venice that this genre flourished. In the 18th century, painters wanted to depict the beauty of Venetian canals and buildings, as done by Canaletto or Francesco Guardi.

But it was in Paris that the movement truly developed, especially with the Impressionists, who saw it as the city to be painted, which was done by Pissarro, Manet, Claude Monet, Caillebotte, Renoir, and others. At this time, the industrial and technical elements of the city appeared in the paintings: trains, rails, cars, etc. The urban landscape evolved quickly, and city paintings did as well.


Today's Urban Landscape Painting

Finally, it is mainly American painting that has redefined the boundaries of the current genre. Cityscape paintings have become paintings of contemporary architecture where buildings dominate. Since the 1970s, the urban landscape, or cityscape, has been a recurring theme in American hyperrealist painting.

The reproduction of streets filled with pedestrians and tall buildings comes from this American movement. The representation of cities changes as the world's major cities evolve. The painting of urban views is then a reflection of what our current cities are like and the atmospheres that prevail in them.


Features of modern urban landscape paintings

Modern urban landscape paintings are characterized by their contemporary style and their ability to represent today's cities. Unlike classic city paintings, these works reflect the features of modern cities such as the verticality of buildings, nighttime lighting, and the hustle and bustle of downtown areas.

Modern urban landscape paintings are often composed of simple geometric shapes, bright colors, and graphic elements that recall the architecture and design of modern cities. Additionally, artists who paint modern city paintings are often inspired by urban planning, technology, and social changes happening in contemporary cities. This is why these paintings are often considered a means of representing and critiquing modern urban society while offering a unique artistic vision of the city.



There are many contemporary artists who draw inspiration from the city for their urban landscape paintings, and many have made a name for themselves in this field.

Among them, we can mention British artist Stephen Wiltshire, known for his freehand drawings of famous cities such as New York, London, or Dubai. His well-known urban landscape paintings are highly detailed and precise, offering a unique perspective on these iconic cities.

Another contemporary artist who stands out in the painting of modern urban landscapes is American painter Jeremy Mann, who creates both realistic and abstract urban paintings. His works are often dark and contrasted, highlighting the nighttime lighting of modern cities.

Enfin, dans le domaine du tableau d'art urbain et du tableau street art, l'artiste français Jef Aérosol est une référence. Il utilise la technique du pochoir pour créer des portraits en noir et blanc de célébrités dans les rues de grandes villes, créant ainsi un dialogue entre l'art et l'environnement urbain. 
Finally, in the field of urban art and street art paintings, French artist Jef Aérosol is a reference. He uses the stencil technique to create black and white portraits of celebrities in the streets of major cities, creating a dialogue between art and the urban environment.

These contemporary urban landscape painters offer an original perspective on modern cities, combining tradition and modernity in their urban paintings.



Carré d'artistes is a contemporary art gallery that offers works by talented artists in various fields, including modern urban landscape painting. 

Among the artists featured in this gallery, we can mention:

  • Maurizio Galloro, who creates paintings of famous cities such as Paris, New York, or London, using bright colors and clean lines. 
  • Patrick Rousseau, on the other hand, is a French artist who paints abstract urban paintings, using vibrant colors to represent modern urban landscapes. 
  • Julien Rey is another Carré d'artistes artist who stands out in the painting of modern urban landscapes, creating realistic and detailed urban paintings, using painting techniques that give an impression of movement. 
  • Finally, Solveiga is a contemporary artist who paints modern urban landscapes using pastel colors and organic shapes, creating a poetic atmosphere in her urban paintings.

These contemporary urban landscape painters at Carré d'artistes offer an original perspective on modern urban landscapes and allow for the discovery of different urban art paintings.


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