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Who is Marc Agusil ?

- 08/11/2019
artwork of marc agusil

To end this Advent period, we present to you the last artist of our Christmas selection: Marc Agusil. You can't miss his colorful canvases!


Fascinated by female faces, Marc Agusil oriented himself from his beginnings towards portraiture. He brings his own touch to this already well-known style: colors and textures are more than ever in the spotlight.
So where do all these faces come from? They are inspired by both photographs and women he meets. All powerfully colored, he paints these portraits with brief and precise gestures. To achieve this result, he covers his canvases with oil and acrylic which he then works with a spatula or brush. Laid in thick strokes, the painting creates unexpected reliefs and light effects. He creates surprise by contrasting the blur of color spots with piercing eyes and precisely sculpted lips that reveal all the character of his characters.

Her work is inspired by "action painting", a movement that sees the canvas as an arena in which to act rather than a space in which to recreate an object. This movement focuses on the physical performance of the painter considering that what must pass on the canvas is not an image but an action.

art portrait of marc agusil



But who are these women? They are women of today or current figures. I admire the faces that transport me with their gaze and expression. Perhaps there is indeed this search for idealized beauty.

What would they tell us if they could talk? They would tell us about their concerns, their fears, their aspirations. They would talk to us about art, cinema and literature. Ultimately, they would tell us about everything that has to do with emotions.

Why did you choose to work with such saturated colors? The use of very saturated colors is a way of conveying emotions that are both intense and visceral.

What has Carré d´artistes brought you? Carré d´artistes allowed me to exhibit my work in many countries and to develop myself as an artist, because I was able to meet an audience who values ??my work. It’s fundamental to me.

The first time I took part in a Vernissage, it was at the Aix-en-Provence gallery. I thought we weren't going to sell anything because it was a very cold and raining day. I was pleasantly surprised to see the world who nevertheless came and really touched the favorites that people shared with me: almost all of my works were sold that day.



The power of colored tones that awaken our interior. The strength of the expressions that Marc Agusil manages to convey through these female faces. A kind of girl power transcribed on canvas!


Let yourself be inspired by his works of art! Discover all of Marc Agusil's paintings on our site.


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