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Are you considering purchasing a unique piece of sculpture?

Are you passionate about singular art and wish to acquire a one-of-a-kind sculpture, imbued with extraordinary creativity and artistic expression? Look no further! Carré d'artistes invites you to explore its exceptional collection of singular art sculptures.

Our Carré d'artistes art gallery presents you with a wide selection of singular art sculptures. It's challenging, if not impossible, to attempt to define or categorize works that are inherently unique. However, the rejection of tradition, blending of genres, and use of unexpected materials remain key aspects of this movement.


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Singular art sculptures depicting a couple


what is singular art ?

Singular art pieces are generally created by self-taught artists. They are crafted using unexpected materials and are devoid of any artistic influences or traditions. This raw approach to creation reveals unique modes of representation and figuration. The French artist Jean Dubuffet is the originator of the concept of Art Brut or singular art. He started in the 1940s to assemble a collection of objects made by psychiatric hospital inmates.

These creative examples outside of the standard art world codes paved the way for a marginal artistic approach. The works are the results of free experiences, far removed from any constraints imposed by society or tradition. He spoke of an "entirely pure, raw artistic operation, reinvented in all its phases by its author, based solely on his own impulses". Since its emergence in the early 1970s, singular art has transformed from a marginal movement into a popular one.


A unique genre beyond contemporary art codes

Singular sculptures, from this distinctive genre, are characterized by an avant-garde spirit. These works do not conform to any particular style or previous movement. This genre should not be confused with naive art. "Naive" artists draw inspiration from known and recognized movements, whereas artists of the singular movement prefer to break traditional codes and move away from artistic trends. The works are raw and emotionally potent. For Jean Dubuffet, they embody a true transgression against artistic and pictorial codes and the history of art in general.

Singular art is an integral part of the contemporary artistic landscape, holding a paramount and unique place within it. Works from this movement are unique, singular, and distinct to each artist. They are selected in part because they do not align in any way with any classification or identification. These sculptures cannot be boxed into a dictionary category or submit to a general, common definition.
This movement appeared at the end of the second world war and continues to have bright days ahead. Its origin also ensures its longevity. While in the mid-40s, this art was misunderstood, today it has emerged at the forefront of the artistic scene in galleries worldwide.

At Carré d'artistes, discover figurines, objects, singular art sculptures by talented contemporary artists.


The essence of singular art in sculpture

The essence of singular art in sculpture lies in a deep exploration of its origins and distinctive characteristics. Sculptor artists dedicated to singular art push the boundaries of creativity, giving life to singular sculptures of exceptional beauty and expressiveness.

These works stand out for their individuality, authenticity, and ability to convey a unique freedom of expression. Each singular sculpture reflects an artist who dares to break away from artistic conventions to create unique pieces, carriers of intense emotions and a personal artistic language. In admiring these singular art sculptures, we are invited to discover an artistic universe imbued with sensitivity and original artistic vision, where sculptor artists reveal their talent and ability to push the boundaries of creation.



One of the captivating aspects of singular sculptures lies in the themes and subjects tackled by the artists who create them. A fascinating exploration of recurring themes unfolds at the heart of these singular art sculptures, offering an emotionally rich artistic journey.

Fantasy, dreamlike, and grotesque themes frequently emerge, bringing to life works of extraordinary visual power. Sculptor artists, masters of their craft, also explore favored subjects, each carrying a unique artistic significance. Their singular sculptures can evoke nature, the human condition, spirituality, or personal introspection.

Each sculpture reflects the artist's unique vision and expression, inviting the viewer to deep contemplation and personal interpretation. Immerse yourself in this warm universe and allow yourself to be transported by the diversity of themes and subjects explored in the singular sculptures of Carré d'artistes' talented artists.



In the world of singular art in sculpture, some artists stand out for their overflowing creativity and remarkable contributions. Among these emblematic sculptors of singular art, we are pleased to introduce major artists whose captivating works have left a mark.
  • Louise Bourgeois: Known for her abstract sculptures that explore intimate and psychological themes, Bourgeois is considered a pioneer of singular art in sculptures.
  • Jean Tinguely: Famous for his kinetic and mechanical sculptures, Tinguely creates playful and provocative works that challenge artistic conventions.
  • Niki de Saint Phalle: Recognized for her colorful and monumental sculptures, Saint Phalle addresses themes such as femininity, sexuality, and emancipation through her works.
  • Jephan de Villiers: French artist Jephan de Villiers creates singular sculptures using recycled materials and exploring themes related to nature and spirituality.
  • Bruno Catalano: Catalano creates singular sculptures that seem incomplete, leaving empty spaces to encourage the viewer's emotional engagement.

Their singular artworks are true testimonies of their exceptional talent and unique artistic vision. Each of these artists has managed to bring their own artistic touch by creating works that defy conventions and inspire wonder. Their striking sculptures reveal technical mastery and artistic depth that are far from indifferent.

At Carré d'artistes, we are proud to highlight these exceptional artists and offer you the opportunity to admire and acquire their unique singular sculptures.


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