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Sylvia's selection

What are you doing at Carré d’artistes?

As an artist's agent, when I contact artists, and discover everything that lies behind a work proposal, it is immense, sometimes overwhelming and fascinating. We do a magical job at Carré d'Artistes, we make human and artistic encounters. We exchange our opinions between curators. It brings debate internally, it abounds something we all enjoy!!

Where does your passion for art come from?

We are born ... or we are not, artist, right? It's in me. 
I love discovering talents and they impress me with their know-how or an unexpected idea.

As I mature, I better understand the meaning of difference, and I believe art is proof of that. The feelings and emotions surrounding artwork are heterogeneous. To put it simply, it's a bit like wine, you like this wine or you don't. And no one is right. And maybe you'll even change your mind, depending on the moment in your life or your current state of mind. And that fascinates me.

Which style of painting touches you more particularly and why?

I am very touched by raw art, but I also like surrealism a lot. I feel surrealism is in line with my personality - I myself like to surprise or rattle others for fun. I find myself mirrored in the art of the surrealists. I like their humor, their audacity, and the offbeat side of surrealism!

What does this selection mean to you?

La mujer! The Woman! I have chosen to introduce you to some of our artists around this theme today.

(4 Artworks)
4 Artworks

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