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Tribute to Gustav Klimt

Carré d'artistes is the reference in contemporary art thanks to its 30 galleries in the world.
The site pays tribute to the painter Gustav Klimt with its new collection. Get to know our artists and their certified works inspired by Klimt's paintings. We offer a wide selection of paintings that are not reproductions but original works in their own right. Choose a reinterpretation of the Kiss or the Tree of Life that you will not find anywhere else. The paintings offered for sale are varied and suit all tastes and budgets.

Our collection "Homage to Gustav Klimt

Carré d'artistes presents its new collection "Homage to Gustav Klimt" containing paintings inspired by the work of the Austrian painter.
The painter Klimt is without doubt one of the most influential artists of the last century. Between Art Nouveau and Symbolism, his works are not just aesthetically pleasing: they are profoundly revolutionary and spearheaded the Viennese secessionist movement.
Even today, Gustav Klimt's paintings continue to fuel the imagination of our contemporary artists.
We are now paying tribute to his genius.

Our collection has several strengths:
  • Unique and certified works that you will not find anywhere else. The paintings presented here are not identical reproductions of Gustav Klimt's paintings but original reinterpretations. They will be delivered to you with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Our vast community of over six hundred artists, of different schools and sensibilities, produces works for all tastes and at all prices. Each artist does recognizable work. Our painters use a variety of techniques and styles that will appeal to any art lover.
  • The price of the painting is determined by its size. For example, the starting size is 13x13 for a price of 95 euros. Choose between small works that can be easily transported and incorporated into your home, or larger paintings that will stand alone in your decor.Square paintings can be accompanied by a harmonious frame.
Try a painting inspired by Klimt's Kiss in soft pastel tones or a bright and colourful Klimt Tree of Life!
Just as elegant as the original works, the paintings we offer are distinguished by their originality, sensuality and intensity.

(12 Artworks)
12 Artworks
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