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Tribute to Jackson Pollock

The Jackson Pollock inspiration collection

Jackson Pollock: The leader of abstract expressionism

Jackson Pollock is an American abstract expressionist painter. Born in the state of Wyoming in 1912, it is in New York that he will share his art with his arrival at the Art Students League. He began his career with figurative art, of which he kept elements in his paintings. Pollock then spent several years exploring his art and created a new and unique abstract style: abstract expressionism. His discovery earned him his place as the leader of Abstract Expressionism. Jackson Pollock is also known alongside Rothko, Kooning, Gorky and other artists in the Federal Art Project.

It was only in 1947 that Jackson Pollock developed his dripping technique. This process, consisting of dripping and splashing paint onto large canvases, ushered in a new era of representational art. This intuitive technique seems random, but it is in fact very mastered, because "Painting has a life of its own". Jackson Pollock and his masterful works will mark the history of abstract expressionism:

His most impressive work is Lavender Mist #1, 1950: the delicate shading and marbling of the paint gives it an enchanting atmosphere as well as a powerful visual rhythm.
Another work that marked the movement is No. 5, 1948: the thick quantities of brown and yellow paint, spread in touches on the sheet, seem to represent a nest.

Collection Tribute to Jackson Pollock

Carré d'artistes offers a collection in tribute to the leader of abstract expressionism.
You will discover paintings in abstract, figurative and pop art style. As well as various and varied techniques: acrylic, graffiti, oil or mixed. You will find the work made for you thanks to the many formats available from 13x13 to 120x120.
Moreover, you have the possibility of framing your works directly on our site. Each work is unique and certified by our contemporary artists: Rose Cantin, David Drioton and Lee Herring.
This will allow you to acquire original artworks corresponding to your budget and your preferences.


Carré d'artistes : what is it ?

Carré d'artistes is the first worldwide network of contemporary art galleries. There are more than 30 Carré d'artistes galleries in the world. Our art curators carefully select each artist for his original work.
We are thus able to offer you unique works signed by our artists to guarantee their authenticity.
Our art galleries offer more than 20,000 works of all styles, themes and techniques. As well as a framing service to embellish each of your works. That's why we also offer a custom art service upon request to meet the needs of our customers. Finally, we make art accessible to all, and even to small budgets since our first price is 105 € for a 13x13.
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12 Artworks
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