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This unique and original contemporary artwork "Printemps en Provence" on the subject of Landscapes has been created by the contemporary artist Volpi Jacques.
The artist used Oil medium on Canvas to create this Figurative, Small size painting.


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Volpi Jacques France
During the 70s, Jacques Volpi was moved by an oil painting, painted using a knife. His discovery of this technique marked the birth of a passion that still guides him today. After ten years spent teaching himself, he began to have professional exhibitions. His luminous canvases quickly attracted the attention of galleries and he was able to support himself. Born in the South of France, he paints his region with fervour and derives great pride from belonging to a tradition of Provençal painters. He mainly works from memory, capturing the essence of the places he holds dear and capturing fleeting sensations, much like the Impressionists he admires. Today he is following his own path while also remaining loyal to the subjects he holds dear, tracing the lines of a Provence that is both eternal and surprising.
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