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Painting Régate by Tual Pierrick | Painting

Painting Régate by Tual Pierrick | Painting
RégatePainting Régate by Tual Pierrick | Painting
RégatePainting Régate by Tual Pierrick | Painting

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Régate" has been created by the contemporary artist Tual Pierrick.
The artist used mixed medium to create this special, painting.
  • - Compatible frames : 19 x 19 cm
  • - Is framable : yes
  • - Size : 19 x 19 cm
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Tual Pierrick
Tual Pierrick France
Pierrick worked as an upholsterer for seven years and then took on several positions in companies before choosing to devote himself to making paintings at the end of the 1980s. The artist is from Nantes and is very attached to his region and its coasts, which offer constant inspiration. He has been creating canvases since childhood and had his first exhibition at the age of 13. Since then, he has kept making paintings and showing his work. The notion of contrast is at the heart of his process. For Pierrick, the act of painting is synonymous with an on-going challenge to be creative, and he is constantly looking to reinforce his techniques in order to push his artistic abilities always further.
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