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Have you met Prescillart


Carré d'artistes invites the blogger Prescillart to share her vision of art and decoration through a unique Carré d'artistes selection. Passionate about art and culture, in 2014, she created her blog to share her favourite artists and all the news from the art world. An accessible and spontaneous approach allows her to introduce art to as many people as possible. "The important thing for me is to make everyone feel relaxed about the world of art and culture."

Today she presents her selection of Carré d'artistes: "I have selected portraits because they reflect the artist's soul. Whether the portrait represents a man, a woman or a child, through the choice of colours, the attitude of the gaze and the movement of the brush, one can perceive the personality of the artist and his state of mind. When an artist paints a portrait, I feel I am reading his or her diary.
(9 Artworks)

9 Artworks

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