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With Carré d’artistes discover how the purchase of a painting by themes can bring an artistic dimension to your decoration, adding a touch of charm and creativity to your interior.

Carré d'artistes presents you with a way to understand art through a wide selection of paintings for sale. Among our category of paintings by themes : Urban view paintings, nude paintings, landscape paintings, portrait paintings, marine paintings, pop icons paintings, life scene paintings, animal paintings, still life paintings, minimalist paintings, black & white paintings.

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Buy a painting by theme at Carré d'artistes

Discover the diversity of artistic themes

At Carré d'artistes, the variety of artistic themes offered is vast, thus providing a range of options to satisfy all tastes and decoration styles. Here are some of the painting themes you can explore:

  • Urban view paintings: Dive into the bustle of cities with paintings capturing the atmosphere of busy streets, glittering skyscrapers, and picturesque neighborhoods.
  • Nude paintings: Express the beauty and intimacy of the human body with artworks depicting naked women, thus revealing grace and sensuality.
  • Landscape paintings: Escape to far horizons with dream and travel-themed paintings, transporting you to stunning and soothing natural scenes.
  • Portrait paintings: Bring your walls to life with captivating portraits, highlighting the personality and emotion of the subjects represented.
  • Marine view paintings: Dive into the vastness of the ocean with inspiring sea-themed paintings, evoking tranquility and the power of the waves.
  • Pop icon paintings: Add a touch of modernity to your decor with artworks highlighting famous and iconic pop culture icons.
  • Life scene paintings: Capture the present moment with paintings depicting scenes of everyday life, illustrating the diversity and richness of human experience.
  • Animal paintings: Pay tribute to the beauty and grace of the animal kingdom with works featuring a variety of animals, from the most majestic to the most exotic.
  • Still life paintings: Appreciate the delicacy of floral compositions, fruits, or inanimate objects, revealing the harmony and beauty of the details.
  • Minimalist paintings: Simplify your decor with minimalist paintings, emphasizing the purity of lines and shapes.
  • Black & white paintings: Create a timeless atmosphere with black and white works, capturing the essence of a scene without colorful distraction.

How to Create Visual Harmony with Themed Paintings

Creating visual harmony with themed paintings requires a certain artistic sensitivity and a deep understanding of the subjects you choose. The choice of painting theme is a decisive factor in the success of your interior decoration.

For example, a painting on the theme of travel can add a global and adventurous dimension to your space, with scenes capturing lively cities or remote, serene landscapes. Similarly, a sea-themed painting can offer a sense of calm, escape, and freedom, with its blue hues and images of soft waves and golden sand.

Choosing a painting on the theme of travel or any other specific theme allows for creating an emotional and visual connection between the various elements of your room.

Here are some tips to achieve visual harmony:

  • Select a painting theme that matches your personal tastes, but is also in line with the general ambiance you want for your space.
  • Try to balance the colors with each other. If your theme is bright and colorful, make sure you have neutral elements in the room to provide balance.
  • Play with different sizes and shapes of paintings to add diversity and visual interest.
  • Consider the arrangement of your paintings. Too spaced apart and they may seem disconnected, too close together and they may appear cluttered.
  • Finally, remember that visual harmony also comes from consistency: make sure your painting theme is reflected in other aspects of your decor, such as furniture, accessories, and textiles.



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