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Small paintings Figurative Oil Marine Sans titre 1 by Lazarov Stanislav

Sans titre 1
Sans titre 1Sans titre 1
Sans titre 1Sans titre 1


  • - Style : Figurative
  • - Medium : Oil
  • - Compatible frames : 19 x 19 cm
  • - Is framable : yes
  • - Subject : Marine
  • - Format : Small
  • - Material : Canvas
  • - Size : 19 x 19 cm
  • - Main colors : Blue
  • - Main colors : Beige
  • - Main colors : Violet
  • - Mounting type : Artwork delivered with an open mat
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Lazarov Stanislav
Lazarov Stanislav Bulgaria
An independent painter artist for many years, Stanislav was trained in the techniques of mosaics and mural painting at the University of Veliko Tarnova in Bulgaria. Alongside his artistic practice, he led a university painting group in Moldova for a year and held the position of manager of the Lazarovart gallery located in the Bulgarian seaside resort of Lozenets between 2009 and 2016. Furthermore, from his works, he has designed illustrations, which have been used as covers for various books. Already gifted with much experience in the pictorial field, this fervently passionate artist has not stopped experimenting, always trying to spread and push his capabilities further, both technically and in the way he interprets his subjects.
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