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Small paintings Ser 6 by Ortiz Gustavo

Description artwork

The contemporary artwork Ser 6 is a modern painting from the artist Gustavo Ortiz. This is a contemporary painting, unique and originale, Figurative style.


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Ortiz Gustavo
Ortiz Gustavo Argentina
Gustavo spent his childhood in Realico, a small town lost in the Argentine Pampas. Besides the artistic activities experienced in his neighbourhood, an encounter with art would amaze and influence him; during a school trip to Buenos Aires, he attended a retrospective of the surrealist artist Joan Miró. At 17, he moved to General Pico for his studies. At the time he hesitated between art and veterinarian studies, but quickly his instinct led him to choose an artistic path. He completed classical training for 5 years at the university and acquired a solid foundation in art history and philosophy and experimented with different techniques. At 21 he moved to Chili and opened a studio in Santiago de Chile. For seven years he expressed his desire to create on his canvases and began to make a living from his work. Gustavo interweaves his South American origins and his intellectual attraction for Europe to create a unique universe; a harmony between indigenous and colonial art.
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