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Sculpture Playmobil Miss Hermès XXL 62cm modèle unique by Frany La Chipie | Sculpture

Description artwork

Playmobil XXL 63 cm entirely hand painted, no stickers.
Unique model, no reproduction.
Rare collector with his pants and hat
  • - Colors : Orange
  • - Format : Large
Unique and certified artworks

Frany La Chipie
Frany La Chipie France
After several years of working for a house builder, and competing in sports, Frany the Chipie feels like she has done her job and discovers a new interest: playmobils. This hobby became a real passion. In 2017, she started creating lamps and frames. Faced with the success of her creations, the artist from Marseille diversifies her work and works on XXL playmobils, which she customizes to make real characters. Little by little, her artistic activity developed, to the point of taking precedence over her professional activity. This is how Frany-la-Chipie made her art her main professional activity.
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