Yulia Akimova is the gallery owner of Carré d'artistes Moscow in Russia. On a daily basis, she particularly likes to exchange with the clients of the gallery, to share on art in general and on the artists' approach.

She is keen to share her expertise, and thus to play the role of a mentor, especially on abstract art, how to apprehend and appreciate it.

Abstract and nude art particularly touch her because beyond the aesthetic dimension, they allow each person the freedom to choose, to project themselves, to imagine. They develop the ability to think and dream, moments of escape essential to life.

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How long have you been part of the Carré d’artistes adventure ? 
Almost 6 years!

What do you prefer in your job ? Where does your passion for art come from ? 
Talking to people (our guests) and telling them about art and artists, sharing our view and art interests. Partly this is educational activity, because sometimes clients simply don’t know a lot about art and in this situation, you act as a mentor, telling them what is abstract art, how understand it and a lot of other things. 

What were your first steps in the world of contemporary art?
Travelling, visiting to museums and galleries of contemporary art, own oversight – the main first step into the art world.
Any special anecdotes to tell us ? with an artist, a client, a collaborator ? Something you will never forget ? 

Can’t recall special moment, but humor and positive mood are really part of our work - this is one of a good ways to make the client feel comfortable. One situation – it’s not an anecdote, but it was funny and wonderful at the same time: our pregnant woman-client started giving birth by choosing a painting in the gallery. Of course, we helped her get to the hospital - everything turned out well. Now she visits the gallery with her baby and we love to remember this story.



What style do you particularly prefer ? Why this one ? How does this style inspire you? 
Among our artists – Daniel Reymann, YO, NAEN, Francois Sahuc, Christian Hevin, Cressanne. So we can highlight such styles as Abstraction and Nude. Its (nude of YO or Sahuc) leave freedom to choose, to imagine. It develops the ability to think and to dream – both are extremely important for life. It’s also very aesthetic styles.  

Can you mention the name of an artist you particularly appreciate? 
Daniel Reymann, YO, NAEN, Francois Sahuc, Christian Hevin, Cressanne. All these authors are strong artists, with their own unique and interesting style and idea.

If you would describe Carré d’artistes in 3 words, which ones would you choose ? And why
Innovative, Accessible, Unique 
As my mind these three words are the best way to describe special approach for the work processes of the gallery. 

Do you prefer small or larger format ? And why ?
We prefer large formats: the larger – the better!  It’s beautiful, it’s impressive and our clients have really big houses – they need to be filled with large paintings. 

According to you, why art is important ?
As I see it – the Art let people to feel the sense of beauty, helps to understand themselves, the world we live in and the history. The art helps to overcome some internal difficulties, helps to dream - it inspires people to change, to love, to create.  That’s amazing. 

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