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Considering buying a pop icon sculpture?

At Carré d'artistes, you can find a variety of themed sculptures, including pop art icons, animals, and nude figures. Discover a range of animal sculptures in different styles such as modern animal sculptures, metal animal sculptures, raku animal sculptures, colorful animal sculptures, and bronze animal sculptures.

On sale at Carré d'artistes is an impressive selection of animal sculptures that blend seamlessly into the decor of your living room or a child's bedroom.

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Animal sculptures are unique works of art that captivate our imagination and evoke a range of emotions. Whether crafted with traditional materials or by exploring more modern techniques, these sculptures offer a fascinating view of the animal kingdom.

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Sculpture d'animaux : Loup réalisée par le sculpteur NI'KO


Art and animals go hand in hand

For ages, animals have fascinated us through paintings, photographs, and especially sculptures. Discover the works of our artists that range from classic style, street art, pop art to singular art! Animal sculpture is a unique genre that features works dedicated exclusively to domestic, wild, and even imaginary animals.


The origins of animal sculptures

This genre didn't have the expected effect in Europe. However, it reached its peak in 1831 at the Paris salon through the sculpture of Antoine-Louis Barye, titled the Tiger. The success was immediate. This sculptor prioritized the naturalistic representation of this mammal over a mythological representation. From this period, the revival of animal sculpture took flight. They were extremely popular under the Second Empire.


Famous Animal Sculptures

Notable sculptors such as François Pompon, Auguste Caïn, or Louis Rouillard relied on animal art to kickstart their careers. The White Bear by Auguste Rodin piqued widespread interest when it was exhibited at the Autumn Salon of French artists. Since then, it has become one of the most renowned worldwide. In the same vein, the iconic poodle by Jeff Koons, made of stainless steel, also caused a sensation. This sculpture is available in five different versions. The most famous of which, the pink Balloon Dog, has become iconic and is currently exhibited at the Pompidou Center in Paris.


Techniques and Materials of Animal Sculptures

Like other sculptures, animal sculptures involve creating forms in relief, volume, through direct carving, assembly, or welding.


Used Techniques

To create a sculpture, several techniques can be considered and combined. Modelling, as its name suggests, involves shaping a solid material like clay or earth. Modern artists combine it with unexpected materials such as plastic and metal pieces or sheets. Carving is used to sculpt wood or stone.

Direct carving does not require any preliminary sketch and is done directly on the block. On the other hand, carving with pinpoint precision duplicates the original model in the smallest details based on exact measurements. Assembly is the process of joining elements by dowel, tenon, welding, rivet, or mortise in materials such as gold, wood, etc.


Used Materials

These require specific expertise. Artists can, for example, model clay or plaster and carve soft wood. Some sculptors also use sand, concrete, shells, different types of fibers, plant materials, feathers, flowers, leaves, straw... In short, all design possibilities are conceivable.


Various Animal Sculptures

Explore the diversity of animal sculptures, from traditional to contemporary, using varied materials and unique techniques:

  • Wrought iron animal sculptures offer a blend of strength and delicacy, capturing the realistic details of each creature.
  • In the modern style, modern animal sculptures take a contemporary perspective, using innovative materials such as glass, plastic, or even recycled waste.
  • Metal animal sculptures, made from steel, aluminum, or copper, are imposing and shiny, creating realistic or abstract creatures.
  • The ancestral technique of raku gives raku animal sculptures an organic beauty, with its crackling effects and unique colors obtained by fire and smoke cooking.
  • Colorful animal sculptures evoke vivid emotions, artists using paint and patinas to bring their creations to life.
  • Bronze animal sculptures are symbols of timeless elegance in interior decoration. Animal bronzes represent the forms and textures of animals with great precision.


Each of these art forms offers a unique perspective on the animal world, allowing artists to express their creativity and capture the very essence of these creatures. Explore these different animal sculptures and delve into a fascinating world where art and nature meet to create works of exceptional beauty.


Contemporary Art and Contemporary Sculptors

In China, it is even common for sculptors to work with vitreous stones such as jade. The sculptor artists of Carré d'artistes have drawn inspiration from these different materials in contemporary sculptures, and various plastic artists to shape original and exceptional animals. Sébastien Chartier stands out, for example, for his elephants, as does Floh, for his animal sculptures from an imaginary world.

Your next favorite is most certainly in one of our selections, discover our various artistic movements as well as contemporary artists from around the world! We offer several styles such as: Resin animals, statues and bronze sculptures but also abstract sculptures, human figures...


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