To avoid missing out on any new talents,/In order not to miss new talents, the curators of Carré d'artistes discover and select promising artists, but also new graduates of art schools, and promote expert artists of today.

Whether they are painters, sculptors, illustrators, they practice abstraction, figuration or street art, the 600 artists supported and sold by our gallery owners, are carefully selected with great attention and each of their works are conscientiously considered, in order to guarantee technical excellence.

But if Carré d’artistes dreams big and takes root all over the world, the quality of our works remains our priority!

Everyone should have the right to buy artwork.

Our art curators carefully select each artist for his unique work and assertive style, in order to offer you a wide range of artistic creations - but mainly works which suit each one of you.

Whether you’re a novice or already an art lover, whether you wish to give a unique touch to your indoors or offer intense emotions to a loved one, you’ll definitely find your happiness among our artworks!

Every day, the art curators at Carré d’artistes select for you the talents of tomorrow from all around the world!

Still, accompanied by the same desire: to offer you unique and original work!

Unique art for...

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