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Art Gallery Carré d'artistes Brest

  • Galerie Brest - devanture
  • Galerie Brest - intérieur
  • Galerie Brest - intérieur

24 rue de Siam

29200 Brest

E-mail: brest.siam@carredartistes.com

  • +332 56 31 46 25
  • Closed

    Dare to open your heart to the world of contemporary art and support current talented artists!

    What is an art gallery Carré d'artistes?

    An art gallery Carré d'artistes is a warm and modern space open to all.
    Far from an elitist art exhibition, we wish to create a bridge between artists, art lovers and curious neophytes.
    Carré d'artistes is above all a contemporary art gallery.
    We put forward a selection of current artists from around the world.
    Each Carré d'artistes gallery allows to support the work of a painter, an illustrator or a talented sculptor.
    Exhibiting a painting or a work of contemporary art in a gallery allows these artists to gain visibility and, sometimes, to live from their creations.
    In France and abroad, regularly find an event, a vernissage or an exhibition around contemporary art in your art gallery Carré d'artistes.

    What will you find in our art gallery in Brest?

    In our art gallery in Brest, you will find mainly the exhibition of contemporary artists from all over France.
    The painter Lionel Valot, originally from the Doubs, will carry you away in his dreamlike visions, thanks to his figurative works imbued with a silent poetry.
    The art gallery Carré d'artistes in Brest also offers exhibitions of international works.
    You will be able to discover a painting by the contemporary Italian painter and poet Carlo Trevisan.
    His painting is characterized by the representation of characters, animals and objects suspended in the sky, in the heart of the clouds.

    Do you want to buy a work of art in Brest?
    In our contemporary art gallery in Brittany, you will find works carefully selected by our curators.
    Each painting, drawing or sculpture is certified unique. We maintain a close relationship with each of our 600 artists. This commitment allows us to recommend to you the various works of art presented in our galleries.
    By buying your painting in our art gallery in Brest, you have access to exceptional artists, still unknown to the general public. You can also order a work of art on our website and benefit from a 30 days money back guarantee.

    Buy a work of art in a gallery

    Are you an artist in Brest?
    We give all the artists of the city of Brest and its surroundings the possibility to be exposed in our different contemporary art galleries. To apply, you just have to fill in our online contact form.
    In case of pre-selection, you will be invited to present us four of your original works.
    By joining the Carré d'artistes network, you will benefit from several advantages. You will be able to live from your art, while keeping the possibility of participating in external exhibitions.
    The concept of Carré d'artistes is to exhibit between 10 and 20 artists at a time. We will consecutively present 40 of your works in the different Carré d'artistes art galleries around the world.

    How to get to our contemporary art gallery in Brest?

    Our art gallery in Brest is located at 24 rue de Siam, in the heart of the city. It is located a few steps from the Brest Museum of Fine Arts and can be reached by streetcar.
    Get off at the Château stop on line A, then simply walk a few meters up rue de Siam towards rue Traverse. You will find the gallery on your left, in front of the Lacoste store.
    Would you like to take advantage of your visit to the center of Brest to have a look at our contemporary art gallery?
    Carré d'artistes is a 5-minute walk from the bandstand on Place Wilson. If you come from the Tour Tanguy, you just have to cross the Recouvrance bridge to reach us in less than 15 minutes.

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