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Hokiss | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Hokiss | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography


The Southern French painter and plastic artist showcases her talent under the pseudonym Hokiss.

She's had a passion for art for as long as she can remember and learnt from her family. The artist created her own technique and blended digital, collage and modelling to create unique signature pieces. The young woman made her name as Hokiss in 2020 and brought unique original artworks to life.

She designs the shape, uses software to vectorise it, prints it out and cuts it out of her favourite acrylic glass. Hokiss then applies all kinds of things to it: colourful stickers, balls of tissue paper etc.

She finishes her work with resin. The plastic artist combines a variety of items and textures to create textured and colourful artworks


(54 Artworks)

54 Artworks



Unique art for...

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