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Abstract paintings Mixed A107 by Wilms Hilde



  • - Style : Abstract
  • - Medium : Mixed
  • - Compatible frames : 36 x 36 cm
  • - Is framable : yes
  • - Subject : Minimalist
  • - Format : small
  • - Material : Canvas
  • - Size : 36 x 36 cm
  • - Main colors : Red
  • - Mounting type : Artwork delivered with an open mat
  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Paris 6 Saint-Germain
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Wilms Hilde
Wilms Hilde Germany

Hilde grew up in Germany and from an early age nurtured her taste for beauty through images and music. She began painting on her own very early on, but followed a career as a bank employee until she was 30 years old.

A long stay in the South of France turned her life upside down. She finally took the time for experience and observation, and the trip became an inner quest. She rediscovered art, which up until then had been buried in her for a long time.

Hilde began attending courses and training at university as an independent student, where she focused on painting and sculpture. She began exhibiting in France and Germany and as a result of her success, Hilde decided to devote herself fully to art.
Hilde's painting is primarily a painting of atmosphere. In the beginning she likes to be guided by her inspiration. As the shapes and colours appear she queries the paper, which is her preferred medium. Gradually the work takes shape and the subject appears...

Hilde's painting is not one of concepts, but of impressions. The artist finds within herself sensations, images, shapes or colours that she has lived. She is surprised by the results and often asks herself about the meaning of certain paintings.
Her works reflect internalized images, unconscious impressions collected from nature and everyday life. She often mixes natural elements with her painting (sand) and has a preference for gray. This ""non- colour"" allows for greater freedom of interpretation.

Hilde is always looking for new ways to better recreate her internalized images. Lately she dares using bold colours and uses them as a medium. She works volume and roughness into the layers of paint.
Painting is an outlet that allows Hilde to finally externalize what she carries within her.

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