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Painting Pareja en mar by Vergottini Paola | Painting Illustrative Acrylic Life style

Painting Pareja en mar by Vergottini Paola | Painting Illustrative Acrylic Life style

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Pareja en mar" on the subject of Life style has been created by the contemporary artist Vergottini Paola.
The artist used Acrylic medium on Canvas to create this Illustrative, Small size painting.


  • - Style : Illustrative
  • - Medium : Acrylic
  • - Compatible frames : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Is framable : yes
  • - Subject : Life style
  • - Format : Small
  • - Material : Canvas
  • - Size : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Main colors : Blue
  • - Main colors : Red
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Vergottini Paola
Vergottini Paola Argentina
Paola was born in Argentina and began drawing by instinct. At the age of 6, she regularly met with a neighbour to have fun painting "little women." She then participated in art workshops where she discovered different materials and techniques. As an adult, she studied at the School of Fine Arts, where she was particularly interested in drawing and engraving. She obtained a scholarship to train alongside the master Alfredo de Vicenzo (a professor of engraving). During the first 10 years of her career, Paola was dedicated to these two disciplines in all their forms: zincography, lithography, collage and mixed media. Her works were black and white, and included a process of emotional catharsis (purification of the passions through art) in which the artist expressed her anguish. At the birth of her sons, Paola began teaching art to children and completely changed her way of working. She started playing with paints and colours through simple human forms and pure and vibrant tones
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