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Painting Paris étoilé by Penaud Raphaëlle | Painting Illustrative Urban

Painting Paris étoilé by Penaud Raphaëlle | Painting Illustrative Urban

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Paris étoilé" on the subject of Urban has been created by the contemporary artist Penaud Raphaëlle.
The artist used mixed medium on Canvas to create this Illustrative, painting.


  • - Style : Illustrative
  • - Compatible frames : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Is framable : yes
  • - Subject : Urban
  • - Material : Canvas
  • - Size : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Main colors : Blue
Unique and certified artworks

Penaud Raphaëlle
Penaud Raphaëlle France
Raphaëlle has always dreamt of being an artist: singer, dancer, actress, or photographer. Eager to express herself, she naturally turned towards studying the arts and attended the School of Fine Arts. She completed her training by studying visual communication and graphic design. In the early 2000’s, she met a group of young artists in Nantes who led her to exhibit her work. Thus began Raphaëlle Penaud's unbridled passion for portraits of small and large animals. Raphaëlle's childish and funny spirit draws us into a bucolic poetry that gives the audience a child's smile.
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