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This unique and original contemporary artwork "Ensemble" on the subject of Animals has been created by the contemporary artist Colin Sylvie.
The artist used Mixed medium on Canvas to create this Raw art, Small size painting.


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Colin Sylvie
Colin Sylvie France
Sylvie Colin’s passion for painting began at a very early age when the young girl joined the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg aged 16. But very quickly, her creative force was not able to contain her rebellious personality and the artist was forced to leave the beaten paths of the institution. Even freer then in her practice, she began engaging the great societal topics, which she criticises humorously. Confronting the boundaries, the artist goes on a search for another world. Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Indies, she brings back from these precious trips the main ingredient of her compositions: white, light, transparency.
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