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Recylcing sculptures

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of recycling sculptures. Recycling sculpture is a fairly recent form of artistic investigation in contemporary art. Artists look for used materials or recycled objects to build and reinvent creations that offer a new perspective on the world.

An art of involvement

By making sculptures with materials from landfills or thrown away in trash cans and recycling centres, the artists recover and revalue what previously no longer had any value. It is a militant act that pushes the viewer to become active and look at his surroundings. More than a criticism of today's consumer society, it is a process that shows what we no longer see. Thereafter, ecology resonates through all our thoughts and through governmental, economic and societal concerns. Recycling sculptures are becoming more and more invested in contemporary artistic creation.

Some artists and sculpture of recycled objects

In his still life sculptures, the artist Subodh Gupta depicts an approach similar to that of Marcel Duchamp. He uses objects from ultra-consumption to build his art. His works are deeply atypical and give birth to trees with strange shapes using unlikely materials. These works of art open up a reflection on the ephemeral nature of art, given the precarious and perishable status of the material they are made of. This duality adds to the beauty of the work. South American artist Vik Muniz is one of the leaders in the “art of waste”. Spotted in the 1980s in New York, the sculptor focused his artistic approach on the reproduction of masterpieces from the history of art using materials and objects from recycling. He enjoys inventively redirecting incongruous objects such as rubbish, scraps of magazines, cigarette butts ... Vik Muniz creates ephemeral sculptures of gigantic sizes. The artist couple Sue Webster and Tim Noble create “shadow sculptures” with abandoned objects and all-out rubbish. They illuminate the final result to project poetic and imaginary shadow-portraits on the wall. The artist collective Guerra de la Paz is originally from Cuba. These artists use recycled objects as their basic supplies. They work with materials that are unconventional and unusual, such as used clothes. These they transform and create sculptures in ultra-colourful recycled materials. Most of the time, these are tribute works or references to the classics and convey messages on the state of our current society. The artistic approach of this Cuban collective questions the consumer society and our way of using it. Wim Delvoye is known around the world for his aesthetic works from tyres that he cuts. He designs subtle patterns inspired by vegetation and flora in the very texture of the tyre. The rubber ends up looking like hammered metal or chiselled wood. Discover recycling sculptures by contemporary artists at Carré d'artistes.


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