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Are you considering purchasing a street art sculpture?

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of street art sculptures and pop art statuettes.

Carré d'artistes offers a diverse range of street art sculptures. Street art sculpture is an urban art form that has gained momentum within a vast artistic movement. This mode of expression has evolved and gained increasing prominence towards the end of the 20th century.

Street art sculptors utilize various forms of art and claim their space in the public realm. These street art sculptors delve into diverse art forms such as portrait molding or creating unconventional installations.

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Street art is a visual art produced in public spaces and intended for the general public. Its purpose is to disseminate social and political statements. It is also known as "guerrilla art," "post-graffiti," "neo-graffiti," "independent art," and more. Street art is considered the epitome of democratic art as it can be seen by anyone and does not belong to anyone.

In recent decades, artists have introduced these rare and democratic artworks into institutions and galleries, gaining worldwide recognition and popularity in the mainstream art world. Cities and their inhabitants serve as the environment and inspiration for street artists.

Its main themes often revolve around ideas derived from popular culture, advertising, comics, and urban environments. Street art is imaginative, constantly exploring new techniques, mediums, and materials, ranging from abstract to figurative.



Buying a street art sculpture from Carré d'artistes? It's as easy as can be! Online art shopping has become highly popular due to its accessibility and the affordable prices offered by Carré d'artistes!


What are the advantages of pop art sculptures?

If you're looking for ways to buy sculptures online, you've come to the right place. There are numerous advantages to incorporating street art objects into your decor.
  • Street artas a decorative object adds a touch of originality and creativity to our interior.
  • Street art statues and figurines capture our gaze and stimulate our imagination.
  • Street art transforms our environment into a dynamic open-air gallery, transcending conventions. Integrating street art pieces into your decoration showcases your appreciation for urban art and highlights talented street artists.
  • Street art supports the culture and vitality of our cities by breathing life into otherwise mundane spaces.
  • Street art decor statues offer the opportunity to transform our interior into a unique space filled with meaning and creativity.

On our website, browse through our extensive list of painters and sculptors to find your favorite. Thanks to our website, you have the opportunity to purchase works from international artists.

Have a specific desire? A style, a theme, a technique? It's your choice in our diverse categories. With just one click, you can have your favorite piece delivered to your home or to an art gallery.


Street art sculptors question our everyday life

Isaac Cordal is part of the same movement as Slinkachu and Pablo Delgado. These artists specialize in miniature street art works.
These small-scale artworks invite curiosity and humor. They consist of mini cement figurines placed in unexpected locations. The viewer's gaze is captivated in their daily life, whether it's on a drain or a sewer grate.
Miniature street art sculptures transform an entire city into a vast playground. These perplexing characters open up the realm of imagination and possibilities.

Gregos' street art sculpture pays homage to sculpture and molding. In every city he visits, he leaves his trademark: molding his own face with a significant expression. The viewer can collect Gregos' different moods, each bearing a strong color. There are now over 1,000 of his portraits throughout France and Europe.


Re-enchanting daily life with street art sculptures

Urban Solid is a collective of Italian artists. They install sculptures and urban installations throughout Europe. Their creations are made from molds of unexpected objects. The artists draw strong inspiration from the troubles of contemporary society. Each urban sculpture reflects contemporary reality through provocation and humor. These artworks invite complicity and curiosity.

According to Christiaan Nagel, street art should re-enchant cities. He takes over rooftops, house facades, balconies, and streets in capital cities across Europe. He repopulates public spaces with colorful mushroom sculptures illuminated by hallucinogenic lights. The artist creates these works using polyurethane. These "undergrowth" sculptures come in various sizes.

Mark Jenkins is globally recognized for his unconventional urban creations. These characters can be found in the streets and alleyways of capitals around the world. The body of the life-sized figurines is visible, but their faces are concealed. These situations often evoke a sense of unease. Passersby are called upon and asked for help. The artist wraps real people in plastic film with adhesive tape. Then, he removes the chrysalis and reconstructs it without anyone inside. He dresses them and provides accessories that make these sculptures ultra-realistic. These urban artworks emanate a strong presence and emotion.



At Carré d'artistes, explore a selection of street art sculptures by contemporary artists, who draws inspiration from architecture and graphic design, creating a unique universe where humans merge with their environment. You can also discover works by Franck Lamboley and Daco. Visit our website and art galleries to explore our street art pieces like street art paintings! Carré d'artistes is the largest community of European art enthusiasts.


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