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"The work is only done when I feel that I have finally captured all the emotional strength of the subject. Finality for an artist is to be able to paint his or her feeling with a personal touch that is their very own." The emotion and its difficult representation are the beginning of the Portuguese artist, Fernando Ferreira's, practice. Life is the source of his work, light is his chosen colour.

The artist lends a modern interpretation to the classical style of the Chiaroscuro, and to do so he mainly uses oil painting to rewrite the nocturnal atmospheres, the ambiance of a bar and the portraits of musicians, but also that of mechanical workshops, cars, trains and public transportation. He is an admirer of exploits and technical developments, but he adds great sensitivity and a strong softness with which to appropriate the modernity of the urban world.

Fernando Ferreira tells us each story under the light of his emotions and develops painting described as "post impressionist romantic," in a spirit of variations and metamorphoses. "He is drawn to nocturnal atmospheres and works to share feelings of quivering obscurity under the arch of deep tars and night-blues" wrote Jean-Louis Avril in October 2014 in the review Univers des Arts.What we are left with is a whole world of sensations.