Sabrina Bisard

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Sabrina Bisard was born in Aubagne in the region of Marcel Pagnol, the sun and light. Self-taught, the artist has always developed in a world marked by creation. Her father, a landscape painter, and her grandfather, in the world of theatre, consolidated the young girl’s artistic vocation.

Passionate about drawing before painting, Sabrina Bisard has not stopped feeding her passion, fascinated by her visits to artistic environments, fond of the influences of abstract expressionism and its leaders such as the American painter Jackson Pollock. Culture occupies a key position in her make-up: fashion, museums, encounters and also travel shape her artistic vision.

It was during the 2000s that the artist confirmed her uniqueness in her practice thanks to encounters, friendships and encouragements that would definitively convince her to choose creation. “My painting,” she says, “continually oscillates between abstraction and figuration. Painting the incarnation of an existence ruled by urges and seeking to translate onto the canvas the domination of a personal experience on the unconscious. It is the key element of all of our acts, through which our perception of the world is formed.” Sabrina Bisard’s painting thus trusts fate, time and the risks of existence that it encounters, always pushing the boundaries further away.