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Valérie Parize, aka ARTIZE, has been passionate about artistic creation since her teenage years, when she discovered oil painting with a knife. In 2014, her encounter with the painter Alain Bordier confirmed her choice to dedicate herself solely to her passion and to become an artist-painter.
Working mainly with oil paints, she does not hesitate however to use acrylic paint bombs to prepare her backgrounds or to boost a colour, or kitchen roll or a comb to leave a trace or a mark. But her preferred tool remains her knife. It allows her to sculpt the material and to play with the contrasts between clarity and vagueness, abstraction and figuration, thickening and fluidity of the action.
Artize sees herself as “a painter of emotions and materials”. Colour and light make up a predominant part of her canvases. Freeing herself from pure representation, the artist refuses to copy the real or nature, but endeavours to suggest it with touches rather than affirm it in order to leave the person looking at her canvas the freedom to claim ownership. Numerous, her worlds recount life scenes inhabited by characters with their backs turned, always walking towards their future. The artist also attempts to revisit views of Paris or New York. Motivated by much curiosity, Artize captures in her paintings the atmospheres and the feeling of the time, a memory of a feeling experienced or an invitation to the imaginary.