Marcos Rodrigo

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Defining himself as a “figurative expressionist painter”, the artist of Spanish origin, Marcos Rodrigo, considers the surface of a canvas as a material to sculpt. Using a spatula to apply paint, he proceeds with large touches to put colour and light onto his paintings.

Placing women, their bodies, their sensuality and spirituality at the heart of his compositions, Marcos Rodrigo explores his subject through many facets. “My painting claims to be the mirror of what makes up our humanity,” writes the painter. Deep within our aspirations, our emotions and our desires, the artist thus draws on the material of his work.

Being social, essential, rich and polymorphous, women occupy the same predominant place in the artist’s works as they occupy for him in our world. Hence wishing to restore their role, their rights or their status sometimes as a victim of injustice, Marcos Rodrigo draws up the portrait of women with all of their qualities: strong or fragile, brave, dreamy or rational, whether they inhabit the real or dreamlike world, they are the first being for the artist in life as well as in the world of creation, inspiration, muse: “I modestly try to make them a part of the riches that they devote to us from the moment they give us life.”